It’s Been Far Tooooo Looooong!!!


As I sit here writing this blog post it has become quite obvious to me that I haven’t taken the time to write anything for you guys in waaaaaaaay too long….   and by that I mean since LATE 2015!!!   Well I guess it’s about time that changed right??

So.  I guess the best ice to start would be in the form of an update.  What has happened to us since the late part of 2015 you might ask?  Well.  LOTS (and not much all at the same time).

Easy stuff….  still blissfully married to the first (and last) man I’ll ever have the pleasure to call mu husband.  Still working full time as a nurse, (though I would GLADLY retire early if I could only afford to do it!).  Work hasn’t been the most pleasant over the last period….  lots of change.  Lots of tension.  Welcome to health care!!  Lol.  Health Care 101…   change is constant (and often times it is just change for the sake of change which makes it frustrating to say the least).  We have managed to fit in a few trips since 2015.  There has been Mexico.  Portugal. Cuba.  Texas (several times), and miscellaneous road trips through the norther USA hunting for the vintage kitchen glass we love to collect.

Those are all the (mostly) pleasant things.  Then there’s the change no one ever wants to have to deal with…..  Yes….  I’m getting older.  I have to face the prospect of entering a new decade within the next 8 months.  Let’s just say I’m not fond of that concept.  Of course, doing it a good 20 pounds heavier than when I last wrote an entry for this blog is even LESS fun, so yes.  Back to calorie counting and blogging (and y’all wondered why I was back at the blog right LOLOL!!).  Yes time has seen us slip a little.  You know.  one extra treat here.  One more glass of wine (after a hard day at work) there.  It was a slow creep.  I mean it’s been nearly four years now, and I crept up 20 pounds.  Five pounds a year is by no means dramatic…  but it is still movement in the wrong direction….   So here I am.  Back at the keyboard.  Trying to change things once again.  And hoping that you guys will once again be a part of the “accountability” that I apparently so desperately  need in order to achieve and more importantly MAINTAIN my goals.  I’m hoping that there are at least one or two of you still around to help me “behave.”

I will make the effort to post at least a couple of blog posts a week.  I hope you’ll all manage to tell me if I’m writing anything that is even remotely readable.  Deal?

All right….  back to your evening then everyone….  Look for another new blog post soon ok??




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Ok, right off the top let’s just say I’m an EFFing Liar.  Straight and simple…  Ok, maybe I’m simple (but we all know I’m not straight).

What am i getting at?  Well, given the way today started, the “low cal forever” title would kinda seem unlikely.  Why is that?  Because my daily intake started in a “toronto’s best” Continue reading

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Even Dogs Deserve Christmas!!!


Bones For Ben!!!

So this is Christmas….   And what have you done?

Oh.  Yeah.  We did lots!!!  Including making treats for our friend’s best friend!!!  Yup Man’s best friend….. BEN!!!  ‘Cuz after all even dogs deserve Christmas right?  So… the verdict isn’t in at the moment (since Ben hasn’t had a chance to try these yet….that’ll be later tonight I think), but I’ll share it anyway……  the recipe for Duane and Todd’s christmas dog treats….  (Just in case you are wondering….  these are completely human friendly….  IF you like the combined flavours of BEEF and STINKY CHEESE…..   somehow or other I’m not so sure you do…..   but Continue reading

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Christmas Cheer!!!

 You know you’ve been away from your blog too long when you have trouble remembering your login and password.  (ok in truth, since my computer and phone and ipad all log me in automatically it is a forgivable offence……  BUT.  I do know that I’ve been amiss, and I apologize…  truly I do.) Continue reading

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Thank God it’s Effing Friday!!!

tgifOk.  First I have to say, I cannot be factual about my week at work here on the blog, because 1.  The college of nurses hates it when people like me tell stories about patients and their care which could possibly be able to be identified  through stupid and illogical connections which just seemingly randomly occur on the world wide interweb. And 2. I think my manager might be secretly stalking me on the internet.  No I’m not paranoid, it’s only paranoia if you’re WRONG!!!  (I joke, I joke!). Continue reading

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Im NOT the Poster child for weight loss….

choose_a_trustworthy_orthopedic_surgeon_to_help_manage_joint_pain_croppedSo. Just the other day one of the surgeons walked up to the nursing desk and said “You’ve lost a lot of weight!”   Now. Since I’ve known this doc quite awhile (let’s say two years) and he’s seen me pretty much every week during that time, I couldn’t resist the urge to respond “Yeah. Kinda. But really…   Are you just noticing NOW????  Come on Jim…..   I’ve been THIS slim for a couple of months now!!!” Continue reading

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Truly satisfying fudgy and rich chocolate tart for ONLY 71 calories!


This photo has been stolen DIRECTLY FROM THE ORIGINAL BLOG POST!!!! I’m so sorry….. but it HAD to be here…….

So I’m not sure how long this has been sitting in the drafts bin…. (since June 10/15 actually….  I love that WordPress can keep that detail for me….).  I also don’t usually repost other blogs.  Especially ones that include recipes that I haven’t personally tasted and tested.  BUT.  I liked the descriptive language in this blog post.  I was intrigued by the recipe, and I had filed it in my draft pile, fully planning to give it a test run, decide on it’s merit, and then AND ONLY THEN share it with you all. Continue reading

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Divorce Ain’t Easy……

So.  Life was great.  In the last year I have:

  1.  lost 55 pounds
  2. married the man of my dreams
  3. honeymooned in DominicanRepublic
  4. went from temp full-time back to my part time position at work (and my agency gig so I got to see all my buddies again)
  5. did I mention I lost 55 pounds????

Yeah.  so.  If you’ve read the blog before you might have figured out that even though I have a wonderful husband, I have still been open to other relationships……  like the one I had with my fitbit.  Yeah.  Well THAT is over!!!!  He may have counted my steps, recorded my heart rate, given me extra calories when I was active, and even sat and starred at me while I slept (like some creepy stalker), but I’m over him.  We are through.  It was great while it lasted, and he did help me reach my goal.  But he lives with someone else now.  Hopefully they are happy together.  I mean I don’t wish him any ill will….I want him to be happy.  BUT I don’t want anyone else to enjoy the superior customer service that I received from fitbit.  I don’t want them to have MORE success with him than I had.  I don’t want them wearing my buddy on their wrist……  Is that wrong of me??? Continue reading

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Don’t Be Afraid of the Big Bad “B” (butter that is).

mmmmm......   beautiful butter!

mmmmm…… beautiful butter!

It’s time we had this conversation.  It’s actually LONG over due.  Truthfully it was one of the very first blog post ideas that Todd had, and it’s been languishing in my “drafts” bin for months and months mostly because I didn’t think you guys were ready for it (that’s a lie….  I just couldn’t get my shit together and I thought I’d blame it on you).  But I digress…. Continue reading

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OMG!!! Was I Hallucinating???

apparently the sight of the sun can make me overly philosophical.....

apparently the sight of the sun can make me overly philosophical…..

Well, maybe I shouldn’t have done this, BUT….  I was recently reminded of all the “half baked” posts sitting in my DRAFT bin for this blog, and decided that I might just take 15 minutes to revisit them, decide which needed to be completed and published, and which one’s should just simply be filed in the big circular file under “G.”  That’s when I came across THIS little gem of a post.  Well.  I can’t really call it a post.  How about a “concept”?  No wait, it’s not a concept either….  maybe I could say it’s a “written emotion”?  Whatever it was, I’m still trying to figure out what exactly was going on that day….  I’m almost ashamed to even let you see what it was I wrote…..  but in the spirit of honesty and transparency….   here’s a taste!!! Continue reading

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