About Todd

What is there that I need to let you know about me?

First I guess is the fact that I’m currently 43.  Middle age sneaks up on you, and catches you off guard, at least that’s what it seemed like to me.  I know some people don’t look at your early 40’s as “middle age” but, in reality….  twice my current age would be 86, and I think that’s a fair life span to expect, so middle age is the only term I can think of that fits my current situation.

I was born and raised in a smaller city in northern Ontario.  Land of hunting, fishing, steel plants and beer drinking.  I was the youngest of three boys.  My oldest brother was born about 2 months premature, but unfortunately in 1967, this was a significant issue, and he died very shortly after he was born.  My second brother, was born in 1968.  He was 4 years older than me, and was basically destined to become another copy of my dad.  Even as a teenager he was well on his way to becoming a mechanic like dad.  Unfortunately, a serious car accident changed everything, and he passed away when I was 15.  So, basically I’ve been an only child since I was 15.  Admittedly, I was also a bit of a  momma’s boy.  I’ll wear that label proudly.

When it came time to leave highschool and forge a life of my own, it was clear that I wasn’t going to be anything like my older brother.  I was not going to be a mechanic, or a welder, or a HVAC technician.  Those things just weren’t for me.  I did however love the idea of food and cooking.  The creativity of it was appealing, and that was what I chose to work toward.  Of course, because it wasn’t what my father had thought I should do, it was something that I had to do on my own, both mentally and financially.  I was sucessful in my chooice and finished what I had started.

After finishing school however it quickly became clear to me that a CAREER in food is a very different thing from likeing to cook.  It didn’t take long for the concept of working every evening and every weekend and every holiday for the rest of my life to take the joy from my kitchen.  So, I moved on career wise, to things that allow me the lifestyle I prefer.  My kitchen is now a place of joy again.  Now, instead of working in the pressure cooker of a professional kitchen, I save my kitchen to be my happy place, where I get to recharge, spend time with friends and family and just be me.

I currently reside in Brampton, a city just outside of Toronto.  It’s a very decent city to live in, all things told.  It’s a rapidly growing city, with a healthy industrial/distribution sector.  There are  many large companies in our city, and I am thankful to work for a multi-national company in sales and logistic planning.  My everyday work activities involve long term planning for product sales and distribution.  It’s a job my detail oriented nature excels at, and it’s good to be able to work at something that you enjoy.  BUT at the end of a very stressful day my kitchen is my stress relief.  Thankfully Brampton is well situated in the GTA.  Close enough to Toronto to be able to find interesting and unusual items when needed, or enjoy a night out at a unique restuarant.  Far enough away from the big city that there are several farmer’s markets and small independant food supplers, butchers etc. Brampton is also close enough to the Niagara region to be able to enjoy Ontario wines directly from the vineyards, and seasonal fruits from the orchards.  All in all, Brampton suits me well!

Lately, I have taken the time to try and share the things I know, and the things I do in my kitchen with you all.  The goal for 2015 does involve loosing some  weight with this “calorie counting” thing we are doing, but to try and do it without the loss of good flavourful food.  I hope you join us by reading this blog.  Hopefully at least some of the things we share will be useful or entertaining to you.  Please let us know if they are!!  Whatever you do, make sure you find a way to enjoy time in your own kitchen.  If it’s only HALF as much a stress relief for you as it is for me it will be time well spent!!

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