About Duane

IMG_4868Hi. I’m Duane Stockley. Nice to meet you!  If you are meeting me for the first time here online I will start by telling you what all of my friends already know. I’m 44 (very soon to be 45 but who’s counting really right?). I’m an “ex-hetero” (read: Gay), who’s happily partnered and about to get married later this year to a wonderful guy (Todd Aubin).  I’m a nurse with an irreverent dark sense of humour, I don’t have a filter and usually say whatever crosses my mind.  I love red wine (Australian Shiraz typically, but a great French wine or an Italian amarone when there’s a little cash in the bank….   But of course if there’s any excuse at all BRING ON THE BUBBLY!!!).

I can often be found in Todd’s kitchen. And honestly it Is HIS kitchen….  Everyone who knows us is aware of this fact!!  On a good day I’m allowed to peel and chop and not much else…. So I guess this year he’s not just gaining a husband, but a “sous chef” as well!!!

In early 2015 we decided that it was time for change.  I mean really. I work 12 hour shifts at least 4 days a week, so my routine was sleep/work/eat/fall into bed and watch tv/repeat.  I was drinking about 6 bottles of coke (NO not DIET) a day for the liquid energy to survive my ER shifts and supplementing that with chocolate bars when shifts were to busy to take proper lunch breaks, my weight was a good 45 pounds above where it should be and middle age just wasn’t feeling too fun.  In short I’d become a mess.  Gay men are supposed to be thin/muscled/hot/stylin’ things…..   Yet at 44 (already dead for 14 years by gay standards) I was none of the above, and as a matter of fact looked as though I was carrying twins (those damn things….  Would never be born!). So. It. Was. Time.

In the early stages of this change, our frequent FACEBOOK posts of meals we created when we “surprised” ourselves with what we could create on limited calories seemed to get attention among our friends and so this blog was born. Welcome to our journey. I hope you enjoy the ride…..  I look forward to your feedback and if there’s anything we can do to help you with whatever journey you are on feel free to share and we can see where we can go together!!!

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