Thank God it’s Effing Friday!!!

tgifOk.  First I have to say, I cannot be factual about my week at work here on the blog, because 1.  The college of nurses hates it when people like me tell stories about patients and their care which could possibly be able to be identified  through stupid and illogical connections which just seemingly randomly occur on the world wide interweb. And 2. I think my manager might be secretly stalking me on the internet.  No I’m not paranoid, it’s only paranoia if you’re WRONG!!!  (I joke, I joke!).


In my mind this is how my Friday at work ends….

I’m completely confused.  I have had a shit week at work.  I don’t now why it is, but it seems that everything I touch just goes wrong.  Well, actually, as I said to a colleague today, “I’m not so sure if it is that I am actually a SHIT MAGNET or if it is just that given my ER background, I simply gravitate toward problems that need solving, and therefore end up pretty much in the middle of whatever issue happens to be occurring at the minute.  When it all boils down though It’s a 50/50 proposition….  either my manager loves me for it or hates me for it.  I think the last few weeks, it’s been more of a hate thing….  So….  well what can I say….”

Of course, then again, I do get to look around me and realize that no matter what I have to face, ALL of my problems are “first world problems.” I can’t get my 407 toll highway bill to make sense.  I can’t get the retail centre that sold me my car battery to honour the 5 year warranty it is supposed to have (yes  13 months after purchase that damn battery is dead and now I can’t drive that car….  oh  yeah.  But I still have our summer car to drive, so it’s not like I have no wheels or anything right?).  Calorie counting is hard when you go out to eat at a restaurant….  it’s easier to eat at home most times!

fc626d2087c889aa4ff37465b2fe0425Let me see.  What other first world problems do I have?  Oh, yeah.  I went outlet shopping on “black friday” (no matter how many times you say that, or type that it DOES NOT MEAN IT EXISTS IN CANADA!!!!!) at the outlet mall.  It’s an open air mall.  And it was raining.  And it’s Canada in November.  And there were no sales.  NONE!!!!  The prices were exactly the  same as every other day at the outlet mall, actually in truth I think they RAISED the prices.  I think it’s time for a US style black friday….  I mean until someone gets trampled its not a good sale right?

Anyway…  where the hell was I again?  Oh.  Yeah.  Black Friday.  Outdoor mall with no sales.  Canada. November. RAIN!!!  Now I remember.  DAMP. COLD.  Duane hates being cold and damp.  But that’s just what I was.  And that’s exactly when I realized the disadvantage of having reached my weight loss goal.  I have lost my insulation.  Now before you tell me that this is the standard “joke” used by people everywhere, let me just say.  THIS IS A REAL PHENOMENA!!!!  Yeah, I’ve heard people say it before.  But tonight I lived it.  I was that OLD MAN who came home and had to put on his sweater because he was cold.  I’VE NEVER BEEN THAT OLD GUY BEFORE!!!!

wine-tgifSo right now I am warming myself with a nice bottle of wine, and remembering that patient’s family member who was flirting with me today at work.  You know how that leaves you all warm and fuzzy…. knowing that having lost a little weight you are no longer invisible???  Yeah That feeling.  That was the one good part of my work day today.  Well that and  explaining to one of my favourite surgeons that “No, I CAN’T come to the OR christmas party….  I mean really….  I don’t think it would be good for my career to get completely hammered and hit on you all night long now would it???”  Watching my co-worker’s reaction to that statement was absolutely priceless…..  master card be damned…..  I’m stealing that tag line right now!!!

So there.  A blog post that doesn’t have a recipe.  Isn’t some “food porn” pic of dinner.  And isn’t all actively trying to talk about how to loose weight.  Just a post that let’s you see inside my head a little.  That gives you a tiny little view into the chaos that is my brain….  And thank God it’s now friday night and all  I want to do is just want to curl up and enjoy !!  Maybe you should too!


Thanks for reading








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