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Healthy Summer Treats!!!

I’ve promised some original content, and now it is time to deliver!!!  While today the weather in the Toronto area seems to be avoiding the issue, it IS indeed SUMMER TIME!!!  So, while it may be cool and rainy today, … Continue reading

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Summer Truffle Pasta

Originally posted on All About Eats:
I know what you’re thinking, and I can assure you that I haven’t suddenly become some kind of decadent ingredient wielding snob! Equally, nor am I saying that those who wield decadent ingredients are…

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The Problem with Peer Pressure.

First.  I am sorry.  I think when you log in to WordPress to create a post and can’t immediately find where you want to be in the app, you KNOW you’ve been away too long.  So I will admit it.  … Continue reading

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Guilty as Charged

Guys.  I’m sorry.  I’ve been negligent to the blog and to you.  Of course I have a good excuse….  But that doesn’t change anything does it?  So I will openly admit my error and promise to try harder. Truth is … Continue reading

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My new obsession.

I’m so sorry That there were no blog posts this weekend.  Todd kept me busy in the backyard, trying to get our “outdoor kitchen” started.  I really wish the weather had cooperated, because then MAYBE I would have had a … Continue reading

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Turkey Eggs. Yup, You Heard Me TURKEY EGGS!!!

We were recently able to get our hands on something we’ve never had before.  Turkey Eggs!!  We’ve wanted to try them for awhile, but hadn’t found a supplier to get them from.  Thankfully for us, one of my co-workers “has … Continue reading

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Have an entire pizza for 195 calories (or 314 with a generous bunch of toppings)

Originally posted on Live fit, die yum:
If you think dieting means eating cod and salad every day then you sure are wrong my friend. I just had a whole pizza for dinner. Yes, this is a pizza that is…

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