Just a little insight on how I write…..

yeah…. safe to say that there WON’T be a blog post on THIS topic today!!!!

I don’t know if any of you have ever wondered about my process for blog writing.  I know Todd has some definate ideas on how I do this….  (At the wrong times, on the wrong topics, with the wrong (read impolite) language….)  But then again what does he know anyway?  I like to think of it as: “when I can.  About what I know.  And with a sense of irreverance.” But that’s just my opinion, and I love my husband dearly but while I respect his, I am also entitled to mine as well right? (Love you Todd!!!)

 So, here I am, trying to write another post, and for some reason or other, WordPress is having none of it.  NONE OF IT I say.  What do I mean?  Well, while I can PREVIEW what I have written, each and every time I go into “edit” mode, my text disappears.  No, really, it just isn’t visable to me.  Apparently, it’s there, but it’s like I’m typing in white font on a white background…..

The silly thing about this is that it’s just a perfect time to happen, as it completely sums up how I write these blogs.  COMPLETELY BLIND!!!  Yeah, thats right.  I have very little planning put into the structure of the blog overall.  I don’t spend all of my time planning out menus to meet the “blog’s requirements.”  In truth, quite often it’s just an attempt to capture what is happening around me in real time…  which often leads to sub-optimal photos, or for that matter MISSING photos.  Seems I can never manage to think ahead enough to take photos of each step of a process, and only after I am filling my stomach with the latest thing do I realize that I missed to opportunity to get the “digital documentation” that I need for the blog.

Other times of course I do this little thing where I simply review all of the photos on my phone, kinda like a “week in review” if you will.  From there I look at the content of the photos, and plan a blog around them….  It’s like working backwards, but hey it works for me.  It’s a lot like my life in general I guess.  What Can I say…  I seem to do alot of things backwards don’t i?  All I have to say is, I’m a gay man with an ex-wife…..  so yeah, BACKWARDS!!! (But look how well that turned out for me!!  Exhibit A:  Todd).

The only real matter though is that “shit gets done” and on that score, I tend to deliver (at least some of the time anyway….).  Of course, since I can’t even see what I am typing right now, this blog post is going to end up in that “other” stream of how I get things done for this blog; languishing in the “drafts” area.  Waiting for my ADHD riddled brain to return to it, determine what my train of thought was SUPPOSED to be, and then decipher a way to actually turn it into a finished product fit for posting…..  I have soooo many of that type of F’ing posts hanging around that I will soon have to do some housekeeping and either finish them or delete them….

See? I didn’t even think to take a pic until I was almost FINISHED!!!

Anyhow.  It’s another Monday, a day for looking ahead at the week, a day for planning to conquer the world.  Maybe by Wednesday we can conceede defeat on that plan, but for now?  Forward!  Onward!  With gusto!!!  Hope your week is at least as good as mine…..  Thankfully mine so far has been a less than busy morning, with GREAT COFFEE!!!!  And in my book?  That’s an awesome way to start a week!!!

Thanks for reading


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3 Responses to Just a little insight on how I write…..

  1. I always find the ‘how I write process’ of a blogger so interesting!
    I wonder what Todd’s is like?


    • Duane & Todd says:

      Todd’s process? Oh THAT’S easy….. he waits until I write something and post it….. lololol. Writing is sooooooo easy for him!!!! Truthfully when he writes for the blog it’s completely different than it is for me. I write like I talk/think. Sometimes it circular and unfocused. But I’m always trying to find a way to incorporate sarcasm and humour (wish I were successful more often….). Todd on the other hand WORKS IN LOGISTICS for a multinational fortune 500 company….. So he’s a far more structured and linear guy…. All you have to do to make his head hurt is to write a recipe that says “take a handful of THIS and add a smudge of THAT. Kinda shake it up for a minute or 6, then throw it in a pan of whatever size you have handy and see if maybe a half hour at 350 degrees does the trick…….” Yeah. His head just exploded….. and he doesn’t even know I just typed that….. he just feels it when the universe is “unbalanced.” I love him just for the fact that he’s my complete opposite!!!



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