I Rarely do this….  BUT…..  OMG these are awesome!!!!

 Ok everyone.  I don’t often “reblog” but I’ve gotta tell you.  I’ve personally tested this recipe. Here’s what you need to know…..

  1. It’s simple as all get loose….   Really.  There’s like only a 2% chance that you can “F” it up, like I mean….  Only if you go to bed and forget you have them in the oven and sleep in till noon the next day….   Maybe then you’d ruin it….   But I mean….  I don’t know how I ever figured THAT out now do you???? 😜 (in other “news” tomato “jerky” is amazingly tasty…  If slightly chewy!!).
  2. Tomatoes. Salt. Pepper. Oil. Thyme. (Maybe oregano). Heat. That’s it…..   Could it be any simpler????
  3. Watching my co-workers fight to get to them…..   It was an awesome moment….   I mean…   Really….  Who DOESN’T love it when work becomes the “Ultimate Hunger Games” for an afternoon…..   Especially when YOU get to watch from the sidelines….  Thanks to the gals at Port and Fin there was at least ONE afternoon this fall when I WASN’T worried about work place politics…..   Since everyone was distracted by yummy tomatoes I was SAFE…. If only for a moment or two!!!!
  4. These are TODD APPROVED!!!  He loved them every bit as much as I did!!!  To the point that when I had no fresh tomatoes at home, and I ended up paying $4.99 a pound for heirloom tomatoes on my way home from work, when I didn’t actually have any money in The budget that I could spend…..  He just smiled and forgave me……   Yup that’s the power of these tomatoes!!!!!  For get leaping tall building in a single bound…..   THESE babies can SAVE MARRIAGES!!!!!!   (Just saying….)
  5.   Honestly…..   These are sooooo good that it’s worth the risk to “borrow” the original blog’s photo (since some asshat STOLE my laptop with all my photos!!!!!  Including my pic of the batch I created……  If I ever find that person……   You don’t wanna know…..   I mean. I can ALMOST forgive the loss of all of our wedding photos and honeymoon photos (just kidding Todd…..   You know that KILLED me).  But.  Steal my FOOD PORN PICS??????    That requires a punishment like no other!!!!!!  (OMFG!!!   Wait!!!   I FOUND A PIC!!!!   Yay me!!!!)

Ok enough of my ranting!!!!   Check out the original post from a blog I love!!!!  The link is below!!!
Port and Fin and the ultimate tomato!

Test this one out yourselves and let me known what you think!!!!

Till next post!!!


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