When you’ve run out of things to worry about, the Media will come to your rescue!!!

Media Hype

Happy Friday everyone!!!  (actually, for clarity, it’s now MONDAY….  Thanksgiving Monday to be exact, Oh the joys of writing then editing and publishing later….   I hope my timelines don’t ruin things for you all…..).  For those of you who are wondering…..   My day got off to a much better start today.  I managed to arrive at work with all of the items required to survive my day!!!  Yay!!!

And then I began to “read the Internet.”  Typical morning for me after all….  Fill up any minute of “downtime” with byte after byte of digital knowledge, or Facebook or Twitter or Instagram etc etc etc (but I promise you won’t find me in the digital lists of Ashley Madison “clients” lmao).  Sometimes this is a very useful activity, (even as an experienced nurse I still routinely use the internet to access trusted sources for clinical references on a regular basis for example), but more often than not it gives way to media pushing an agenda that may be real, or may just be the next bit of hype.  Sometimes determining the “value” of the information you find online can be difficult and everyone these days is trying their best to catch you with “click bait.”  Some how or another I seem to just not be able to stop myself from clicking those damn links!!!!!

IMG_7597Here’s today’s first winner…..


And here’s number two:

poop in my hamburger

I know they are both from “mother jones” but they are just examples of how much fear mongering the internet brings to the world.  No matter what you do now days.  No matter how hard you try….  You just can’t get away from this stuff!!  You will ALWAYS be doing SOMETHING wrong no matter how RIGHT you are.

IMG_7578(As an aside, researchers have now found a way to “recycle” poop into meat….   I’m not sure if you knew that or not….  But really now…..   A little poop in your burger doesn’t sound so bad now does it!!!!   Honestly….   As I nurse I have to tell you….   You could swab probably 80% of the surfaces on this planet and find bacteria that “indicate the presence of feces” so there…..  That’s my “no shit!” Response to that one!!!

I think that’s the frustrating thing for me.  The tension between black and white thinkers, and those that can see shades of gray.  As much as even I myself would like to live in a very concrete, very clear cut, linear world…..   There’s gray.  TONNES of grey.  Context is what matters here.  Context is king.  That’s what I have to tell patients every day.  “Yes, I KNOW your blood pressure is 160/100.  BUT it’s ok.  Trust me……   You’re here to have SURGERY…..   You’re anxious……   Your blood pressure SHOULD be up right now!!!!   It’s about more than just a number ok???  Don’t get too fixated on the numbers right now!”  Yeah. Daily convo. True story!!

Same holds true with all of the nutritional “science” that keeps getting thrown around in the media.  Often the basic principles get lost in the context.  People take minor “discoveries” and stretch them into more significant scenarios outside of their original context and confuse the public.  I guess there are a few simple rules I should point out….

1. Don’t ALWAYS trust the media……  (What am I really saying here?  Well if you make OUTRAGEOUS claims that no one else is making AND you’re getting PAID to keep an audience….  AND you end up in front of congressional hearings because of your statements and claims…..   Even though you are a DOCTOR you shouldn’t be trusted…..   Yes doctor Oz……   I just called you out!)

2.  (This should probably actually be THE NUMBER ONE RULE). If it sounds too good to be true (or seems engineered to SCARE you into  changing your habits)….   Then TRUST ME…   It IS!!!!

3.  Nothing worth having/achieving comes easily in this world.  I mean that.  Even the people you think are just “sailing through life” having everything handed to them have to struggle with SOMETHING!!!  (maybe it’s just the weight of all of that money on their shoulders, or the fact that they have trouble deciding which tropical island to buy….  but I jest…..).  Truth is, life itself comes with a guarantee that there will be difficult times, what’s the old saying?  “Into every life a little rain must fall!”

IMG_7498 2So I guess in the end what am I trying to say?  EAT YOUR DAMN SALAD OK?  And for heaven’s sake, DON’T STOP EATING HAMBURGER!!!!!  If you listen to everything that you find on the internet you’ll end up eating only what you see in the picture here on the left!!!!  Yeah.  So I wouldn’t buy hamburger from the back of a station wagon in an alley on a hot summer day…..   But really, if you can’t over come the media hype and paranoia long enough to buy some hamburger from a reputable store or butcher I guess you just have bigger problems, (I can refer you to someone for that if you like…..).

Alright.  I’m off too make a salad and grill some burgers (No, no I’m not…..   I mean after all it’s thanksgiving day….   today’s the day for TURKEY!!!  Please don’t let the internet ruin THAT for me…..  PLEASE!)

Thanks for Following!!!!


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