Ok. Let me start with a big fat I’M SOOOOOOO SORRY!!!!!  But honestly. I have good reason.  Yes I know I haven’t been posting enough.  But. I hate posting from my phone.  And if I write while at the computer at work my boss gets upset.  AND the desktop computer is in The guest room…. WAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY down the hall…..  Come on now….. I walked 20,745 steps today from the time I left for work till now….  That’s 16.4Km….  (10.2 miles for those of you who do t subscribe to the metric system)….  Now you want me to trek down the hall just to tell you my latest discovery???

Ok.  Ok.  I know you want the truth.  So here it is in all it’s unvarnished glory.  I took my laptop to work to be able to write some posts while on my break.   I left it on my desk, in its protective pouch…..   I blinked and it was gone.  RIGHT OFF MY DESK!!!!   Some MF’ing idiot STOLE MY DAMN COMPUTER!!!!!

Worst thing??? I lost all of our wedding and honeymoon pictures….  Because I hadn’t backed it up since before Aug 1, 2015.  Yeah. Let’s just say the computer isn’t what I’m most upset about……   The thing got stolen on Friday Sept 11/2015.  It took me one whole week of searching work, harassing security, making them review hours and hours and hours of video recordings and having the housekeeping manager talk to all his staff before I would finally concede that it was indeed STOLEN and then find a way to break the news to Todd.  It’s been 5 whole days since I told him…..   And I’m still here….   So I guess that’s a good thing right???

But I digress…..   And that’s really a very long, drawn out and “pity inducing” intro to a very simply idea that will become today’s blog post!!!


Tonight Todd and I were assembling our lunches as normal, when Todd looked at me and said “babe, I don’t have any eggs boiled for you to take for breakfast…   Do you want me to boil some up now?”  For those of you who do not know, I seem to eat 2 hard boiled eggs pretty much every day!!!  Being me…. (And knowing that after the computer incident I’m on very VERY thin ice)……  I wanted to be kinda low maintenance…. And immediate said… No baby. That’s fine.  I’m good. Yoghurt should be fine for breakfast…..

AND THATS WHEN MASON JAR OMELETTES were born!!!!  This is SOOOOOOOO F’ing simple I.  Just  Can’t. Even.

 Step one.  Take a small mason jar.  250ml size is perfect.  Then take two eggs. 1 teaspoon of cream. 1 teaspoon of water. Salt and pepper to taste, and whatever seasoning you would like (some suggestions to follow).  Put them all in the jar!!!! (For the beginners….  Please remove the egg shells….   They are a bit crunchy for my taste).  Tightly screw on the lid.  Then SHAKE!!!!!!!

 Now remove the lid. Throw the thing in the microwave (yup I said microwave!) and hit it for 1 minute (maybe a little more…. But not more than 90 seconds).  If you watch, it’ll transform in front of your eyes.  First it will rise up almost like a soufflé and turn a lighter color.  When all of the egg mixture in the jar no longer looks “wet” (trust me this will make sense when you see it happen) stop the microwave, take out your fork and enjoy! (Trying not to burn your lips on the steaming hot goodness!!!!

So. Flavours? Let’s start classic. Salt pepper and tarragon!!! OMG delicious

Like some spice? Try some chipotle powder, salt and pepper

You could also do some Tabasco sauce (or Frank’s red hot if that’s your brand) or Sirracha and a little chopped cilantro….

Hey….  Go for broke….  Throw in some truffle paste!!!!  Take whatever you love from a flavourspoint of view….  Go big or go home right?!?!?!

Just one rule….   DON’T add any major vegetables or chunks of meat!!!  Tomatoes or peppers or anything else that substantial will either make the eggs wet and boggy OR not cook through in time…..

Calorie count???  Honestly???  2 eggs? 155 calories…..  1 teaspoon of cream?  10 calories…  There you go…  Breakfast for 165 calories!!!!  To quote one of my favorite surgeons….  AMAZEBALLS!!!!!

Now….  Go… Create….ENJOY!!!!!

Thanks for reading….


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4 Responses to OMFG!!!!   MASON JAR OMLETTES!!!!!

  1. Candida says:

    I’m banned from using mason jars because I tried to cook everything in it and got the husband ticked off.. He isn’t as whimsy as I am.. haha however, I never tried the eggs in it but I will this weekend when I cook Dads breakfast. eeepp..


  2. I always get a good laugh from your posts! I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award!


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