Salted Fruit Salad

Here’s my latest addition to our kitchen repertoire.  Yeah, I know, I know, everyone thinks it’s all about Todd when it comes to the kitchen….  well in truth that’s about 99% true.  But occasionally….  very occasionally…. I do something without telling him.  It’s one of those easier to ask forgiveness than permission things….  All you married folk know what I mean here I’m sure!!!

Quite often I have to hide these moments (from Todd AND the rest of the world) so I don’t look like a complete fool./  But this one is simple, AND delicious!!!  So I’m gonna share it with you all.

First off.  The title may have you confused.  So let’s put a little punctuation in it to help that.  The concept here is NOT “Salted.  Fruit salad.”  No.  It’s “Salted fruit.  Salad”  Very small change, but definitely a different dish.  So The truth of the matter here is that we are creating something that is going to enhance the sweetness of the fruit, a chance to have something to fix your sweet craving without killing the calories!!

The concept was birthed because of a couple of moments in the recent past (by recent I mean within the last decade).  First off, Todd had, a long time ago, introduced me to the concept of salting watermelon to enhance it’s flavour.  It does work, simply because the osmotic pressure (sorry my nursing brain just had to throw that word in there) that the salt exerts on the fruit causes it to release it’s juices, and bring out the sweetness.  Sweet, juicy fruit is the epitome of summer, and I am just not ready to give in to the impending fall just yet….  so as I stood in my kitchen last night starring at the fruit bowl on the counter all I could think about was how to get the most fruit into my dinner.  

Of course, keeping the calories low was important (because all of the calories I had left for the day had been budgeted to allow a thick, delicious, mouth watering Ribeye Steak to show up on my plate).  That’s how I landed on the decision to keep it filling using greens instead of just being a straight up fruit salad.  And with that a delicious salad was born.

So, here’s the simple “recipe” if you want to call it that….

Take 70g of strawberries and cut into pieces.  add 100g of nectarine and 50g fresh figs cut into pieces.  Then toss in 4 or five kiwi “berries” (25g).  then add a generous amount of salt to the chopped fruit.  To me a generous amount was about 3-4 turns of my salt grinder, but  in reality it is probably 1/4 teaspoon when measured.  Sprinkle the salt on the fruit and stir it though, so that all of the fruit gets some!!

Let the fruit sit for about 15 minutes, then place un top of a nice mound of greens (2 cups or so).  Instead of a prepared salad dressing I gave my salad a little “drink” using a table spoon of pink port, followed with a tiny drizzle of thick, aged balsamic vinegar.  Oh, and of course a little fresh ground pepper to taste.  In an effort to consume as many calories as I possibly could, I also added 42g of cheese.  (Todd opted to forgo the cheese and pink port….)  Then, as a last flourish, and to add a little zing, add the lime “caviar” from one nice sized finger lime!!  Perfection!!!!
So here are all the details of MY salad vs. Todd’s Salad.  (remember Todd chose to skip the pink port wine, the cheese, and just increased the amount of balsamic he drizzled on his greens….)

I guess that’s kinda becoming a thing now with us, I think maybe there will have to be a blog post about it soon….  how to cope when you have different calorie allotments.   But for now….   I hope you enjoy this salad….trust me…  it’s quite tasty!!!

Thanks for reading…


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