And With That Vacation is OVER…..

IMG_6571Ok.  Right off the top.  Sorry we were away for the last 3-4 weeks.  Kinda busy to be honest.    First there was the PLANNING for the wedding.  Then there was actual GETTING married.  Oh, yeah…  then the honeymoon thing…..  and of course then the crazy first week back at work.  Of course, now all of that is done, it’s time to get back to real life…..  So….  Blog world…..  WE’RE BACK!!!!!!

So, while the fun is over, the tent is gone, and the flowers have wilted, the blog is still here and it’s time to get back to it…  I guess it wouldn’t be a bad thing to just start with a little update, so why don’t I tell you what’s up….

Ok so when we last chatted….

Duane was a divorcee. Todd was (technically) single. There was a wedding being planned (to solve problems 1 and 2). Stress levels were high. Finances were low. Fridges were full (all three of them). I”m pretty sure my head was empty…. but our garden was full. Full of flowers. full of outdoor furniture. full of promise.

If we were measuring things….. I guess I would have said that I reached my goal (I mean I was under 160lbs (156.1lbs to be exact, and despite pleas by some that “you should STOP now!” my original goal was to reach 155lbs, but of course we are splitting hairs now aren’t we?) and Todd was well on his way…. 246lbs within striking reach of the goal!!!! I was also measuring the days until l would no longer be single….

So much has changed in such a short time. Now Todd and I are married. He made an honest man of me apparently. We hosted 80-90 people in our backyard for our wedding. Most things went to plan….. but not all unfortunately… I’m STILL waiting for my first dance with Todd…. the song should be Lady Antebellum (swoon)!!!!!!

(I’m actually sitting here at work (unpaid time ‘cuz I showed up 4.5 hours EARLY today….  WTF!) listen to that song as I type, trying to convince people that the “misty eyes” are because of allergies.  If you want the truth about the “misty eyes” you can check out the wedding blog a little later…..  I’ll put up a post….  It’ll make sense I promise (

Our friends were the difference between success and complete melt down…. I would give them all a shout out here… but let’s be honest…. If I tried that…. well of course I’d miss at LEAST one person….then they’d be upset….and I’d loose a friend… and well that just wouldn’t be how I wanted this blog to end….. so I won’t go there.  (That being said, don’t think for a minute that thankyous aren’t being managed, between cards and wedding blog posts, they are gonna arrive I promise)

Then we went on our honeymoon to Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic. The weather was intensely amazing. The hotel? well lets just say the brochure and reality were not well matched…. nonetheless we had fun!!! (just ask him about the hookers in Sosua….. At the time it wasn’t funny… but the more I tell it after the fact…. the funnier it seems to be!!!! Lets just say these simple highlights and move on… Todd got grabbed by a hooker on the streets of Sosua. She said; “I LIKE you….. you should come with me”…… Offer was declined. Todd informed this wonderful girl that “I like men.”  Response was a simple “But I like you!”  Followed by Todd’s statement of fact “it doesn’t quite work that way!”  A quick sideways glance at me and she spit out “Is that your WIFE” with a nice angry spanish accent and Todd replied “No, he’s my HUSBAND.”  This was quickly followed by a barrage of words in spanish to the guy at the corner who must have been her pimp.  Faces got tense and people started to rustle and before you could blink…….  Todd and I were in our car and driving the hell away from them….  No need to take any chances right???  I don’t think Todd will ever forget getting HANDLED by that girl.  He wasn’t impressed with her need for physical “affection.”

Any how, I digress.  We returned from the Dominican Republic, and after the week leading up to the wedding and the week of honeymoon, we found out that some damage had been done…..  I was EASILY up 10 lbs.  Hmmmmmm…  THAT’s funny.  Well not FUNNY really, as much as it’s peculiar.  I’m just looking in the app right now to try and be “accurate” about things.  Unless Todd has been diligently deleting scale entries….  Well, let’s say within 3 days of returning from our honeymoon Todd was only 5.5 lbs up???  I’m actually in shock right now.  If you’d have heard the remarks he was making by the end of that two weeks, you’d have thought that he’d gained 20 pounds!!!

Anyway.  While the blog had to sit idle for awhile, the return to our patterns could not be left as long.  As I sit and write this post Todd has already “taken care of” his issue, and is now weighing in at even less than his pre wedding weight.  Seems married life agrees with him!!!

So to update in a nutshell (now that you’ve all spent you time reading my long winded version).  Got married.  Hit in by Hooker.  Gained weight.  Lost weight again.  Now back to real life as normal.  Still tying up details from the month of August.  But even while dealing with those details, we will resume our attempts at blogging.  I will gladly promise to post at least 2 original posts a week for the near future…  Oh, and I’ll promise to include some FOOD posts soon!!!  So keep watching!!!

Thanks for reading!!!


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