Sorry (I’m not sorry)

 I know I’ve been amiss lately with blog posts.  Sorry I’m not sorry about that….   Those of you who know us personally may be aware that Todd and I are in the final days of prepping for a wedding… OURS!!!

  It’s kinda funny how after almost 9 years, the last month has FLOWN by, and, well….  Let’s just say “the best laid plans…..”  Yeah. We have been kinda distracted and busy!!!!  So here’s what I need to tell you….  Todd and I will be tied up (not literally…. But oh GOD how I wish!!! 😉) for the foreseeable future with this wedding day thing and then the honeymoon thing and then the “get back from honeymoon and have to return to work and catch up with all the things that have piled up while we were away” thing.  So. Please don’t be alarmed if there are no posts until near the end of August.  I promise you that we haven’t:

  1. Fallen off the face of the earth
  2. Given up on the blog
  3. Decided to gain back all the weight and hide from you all (ok. There may be an “uptick” in the numbers for a short while… After all the honeymoon is ALL INCLUSIVE!!!! Lol!)
  4. Gotten lazy.

We will definately be back  and when we return there will be new posts and fun things to share!!  I can’t wait!!!  😁
Thanks for understanding 


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One Response to Sorry (I’m not sorry)

  1. Duane- congratts from across the World!
    Cant wait to see some pics!


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