Saturday at the Farmer’s Market.

Farmer's Market

There’s nothing better than a farmer’s market on a lazy Saturday.  Of course, July 11/15 was just that kind of day for us.  Thankfully there’s always some useful everyday stuff to be found, as well as the occasional interesting and unexpected thing or two.  Thankfully, despite the many terrible things people would want to say about the city I live in (Brampton, ON) there are also some great things going for it.  The farmer’s market is one of those things.  Now, don’t get me wrong, and don’t think I am a fool…  I’m not completely convinced that our local farmer’s market would be “100 mile” certified or anything.  I’m sure some of the things being sold are not truly “local” but that being said, there’s just something to be said about shopping in the open air on a wonderful Saturday afternoon with the sun in the sky and the sounds of bustling people trying to find the produce they need to fuel their families for yet another week.  It may not be Italy or the south of France, but hey, it’s close to home, it’s beautiful produce and while it may not be Walmart pricing, I think it’s worth every penny.  So.  Here’s a picture journal of our time at the market.

IMG_5943 IMG_5942Here’s the Rose Theatre, which has become the centre of the downtown area in Brampton. The city has created a bit of a promenade which is wonderful in the summer…

IMG_5969Of course, now that Mayor Susan Fennel is no longer in office it seems the city has a bit of money to spend, and has begun to develop the downtown a little more.  As you can see we now have a large outdoor TV/Billboard.  It’s like a “mini-Dundas Square” for Brampton.  It might not be Times Square in NYC but it is still very nice, if my opinion counts for anything….

IMG_6051  Of course it couldn’t be a farmer’s market without produce.  I just love all the colours!!!  Green beans, yellow beans, fresh garlic.  All available and all quite appetizing!!  IMG_5970Of course there’s celery too….  The best friend of anyone who’s trying to count calories, (or make a mirepoix, mmmmm…. carrot onion and celery the holy kitchen trinity!!) IMG_6029
IMG_6027IMG_6020 Zucchini, cauliflower, carrots and more!!  God I love market days!  Not only is it the beginning of a healthy diet, it’s quite colourful and pleasing to the eye as well!!  Sometimes it’s hard to decide what to buy, other days I simply buy twice the amount I need.  One day I hope to be able to get it right…  Guess I’ll just have to keep on trying!!

IMG_6035IMG_6028 IMG_6014

Bright and cheerful stalls at the market.  Always makes me happy that summer is IMG_6003here….

and fresh garlic is awesome and can be used a million different ways!!!


While we haven’t been eating much bread lately due to the whole calorie counting thing, the fresh bread at the market does always call my name.  Some days it can be really hard to drag myself away without buying one of every type of loaf!!!  But I stood strong (well I was weak in the knees actually…) and left without buying any!! IMG_6008IMG_6009IMG_6080

Farm fresh eggs.  You can’t do much better than that!!  Of course the pictures never do them justice, especially when some of these are pale blue and pale pink.  They are just so pretty, and I not get photoshop to let you see just how nice they truly were.  Oh well.  What’s a guy to do right?IMG_6054

The market wouldn’t be complete without some guys making hot food!!!  God I love/hate the smell of meat on the grill!!  STREET MEAT!!!  (It’s one of my weaknesses…  no matter how many times I buy things from street vendors and have things “end badly” I still ALWAYS want to do it again the next time I see a cart!!!  What is wrong with me right?)


Of course there are always “farm boys” to be seen as well!!!


My favourite stall at the market!!!  Mushrooms mushrooms mushrooms!!!  This Lady and her family bring some of the best mushrooms you’ll ever eat!!!  You can always find some “usual” varieties like shiitakes and oysters, but then she often surprises us with thins like PINK or YELLOW oyster mushrooms.  Lion’s mane or chanterelles!!  I really LOVE those days!!!


Some of this weekend’s offerings!!


Street performers entertain the crowd


The Saturday CrowdSome of this weekend’s offerings!! 


Everywhere you look there is inspiration for new kitchen adventures!!!  Black raspberries, beets, currants, gooseberries!!!  So many options!!!

Todd gets to be my “pack horse” and carry the goods!!

IMG_6049And then they all pack up and Main street is just for traffic once more.  Until next Saturday!!!

Thanks for sharing our Saturday at the market!


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