Easy Peasy BBQ Vegetable Hash!!!

Easy Peasy!  Vegetable Hash

Time for another “outdoor kitchen” inspired recipe.  I warned you there’d be one didn’t I!  Well if the title and photos didn’t give it away, we have a problem!  This dish is rustic and “homestyle.”  It is hearty and filling and tasty.  I won’t lie to you, it also is a little farther up the calorie scale, but don’t be alarmed…..  it’s far fewer calories than a large fries at McDonald’s, and far more flavourful!!

If you’ve ever heard me talk about “refrigerator soup” (where I take all the weekly leftover vegetables in my fridge and spend a Sunday afternoon making soup with Todd), you will understand the inspiration for this latest Sunday afternoon production.  With a fridge full of great vegetables, a need to have a decent dinner, and a newly functional outdoor kitchen, the stars were aligned and Easy Peasy Vegetable Hash was born.  I will gladly share with you the specifics of THIS hash.  But hey, come on now, you can be a bit creative right?  Open your fridge, and your pantry and use what you have.  IF you are calorie counting be sure to weigh/measure/record everything so you get an accurate calorie count, but just have some fun with it and see what you can come up with!!!

My hash started with some Jerusalem artichoke that had been sitting in my fridge for far too long because I bought it while grocery shopping on an empty stomach.  Yes.  Ask Todd about that concept.  I do it FAR too often.  I go to the store for a litre of milk (because company is coming and we need to make macchiatos so that the espresso machine can feel useful), and return a thousand dollars later with Waygu beef burgers, lamb chops, some dry aged steak, some black bean salsa turkey sausages a dozen roses (as my please don’t get made at me “olive branch”) oh, yeah probably some olives to go with that branch, some new avocado salsa dip I saw…..  Hell, I once even returned with the deli staff in tow to join us at our house party!!!  How could I not invite them?  They made up such amazing meat and cheese platters at a moments notice!!!  Oh, Yeah, back to the Jerusalem artichoke.  I bought it because:

  1. I’d never had it before.
  2. It sounded like just a little bit of “food snobbery” that I sometimes find attractive
  3. it has the word “artichoke” in it
  4. it had a price tag on it that was a little more expensive than I expected
  5. I’m a sucker when I’m starving???

But I digress.  Treat it like potato.  Peel, chop, add to bowl.  If you looked at the photos you will see I diced mine up quite small.  I was reprimanded by Todd for this.  Apparently it makes it much easier to get lost into the crooks and crannies of our gas grill when diced so small.  I will concede that point to Todd.  HOWEVER it was a Sunday afternoon, I was HUNGRY and I wanted it to COOK FASTER!!!  See??  There was some logic after all!!!!

Next make sure you add some potato as well.  If you needed to add enough Jerusalem artichoke to avoid using potato you’d need a second mortgage on your house and you’d be working overtime non-stop for the next 3 months….  Just saying.  So, Potato.  Again, dice to the same size as the artichoke.  Add to bowl.  Hey, I’ve just noticed, I haven’t been giving any amounts here….  If you make it to the end of this post you will see an ingredient list with amounts, and I’ll also throw in a link to the nutritional information, and the key to a Mercedes Benz.  (if you push me on this I WILL give you a key to the MB but I surely won’t tell you which actual car it belongs to…. so good luck with that!)

In an effort to make this post move along more smoothly with a minimum of repetitive extra insignificant words (which I know I am sometimes prone to) I shall tell you exactly how to prepare the rest of the ingredients.  Onion….  Rough chop.  Add to bowl.  Celery dice.  Include leaves as well.  Add.  Peppers….  frustrate the hell out of yourself dicing that up all uniform (who am I kidding here?) scoop them all up throw in bowl.  Brussels sprouts?  Chop them up roughly  throw them in the pool with the others.

Somewhere about this time, If you’re like me, you’ll realize that the bowl you chose to work with is too small.  Upgrade your bowl right about now ok?  Then you need to take your yellow beans and cut them into pieces, add to the mountain of vegetables which is growing ever taller.  Chop your mushrooms into larger pieces (cuz they are going to shrink when grilled) add them to the bowl.  Mental check…. Alex ISN’T coming to dinner right?  ‘Cuz I don’t wanna have to deal with allergic reactions tonight…  Ok, it’s safe to continue.  Find some fennel, yeah at first I wasn’t sure either, but I had some, and it’s a vegetable.  So it gets chopped and added.  Hmmmmm….  have I forgotten anything?  Oh YES!!!  OLIVE OIL!!!  Throw some of that in as well (you know I have to say this right?  MAKE SURE YOU MEASURE THIS!!!!  IT”S WHERE THE CALORIES LIVE!).

At this point in the process I deferred to Todd, because as you all know he’s the “flavour maker” and I trust him more with seasoning things than I trust myself.  Here’s what he added.  Tarragon, celery flakes, oregano, garlic powder, salt and pepper to taste.  Mix it all together in the bowl to evenly distribute the oil and seasoning, then it’s time to head outside to the grill!!!

 Since there’s oil in the recipe you should be able to grill this up without the addition of any more fat.  Heat up your grill, and cook the hash in manageable batches.  If, like Todd, you are adept at planning things, you will probably have a nice cast iron dutch oven at the ready to accept the hot grilled goodness and keep it warm until you have successfully grilled all of your hash.  Once grilled it is simply a mater of enjoying your creation.

I have to say, I was not sure how the addition of fennel was going to work out, but it was absolutely wonderful.  As a side note I should mention that this hash holds well, and makes wonderful left overs.  Re-heating it works well both in the microwave, or if you have the time and inclination, in a nice hot skillet on the stove top.

Ingredient List:


  • 250g jerusalem artichoke
  • 250g potato
  • 250g brussels sprouts
  • 260g mushrooms (what ever mix you like)
  • 150g yellow waxed beans
  • 125g onion
  • 120g celery
  • 100g fennel
  • 260g peppers
  • 30 mls olive oil
  • 1 tsp dried tarragon
  • 1 tsp celery flakes
  • 1 tsp dried oregano
  • 2 tsp garlic powder
  • salt to taste
  • pepper to taste

Given the ingredient list above, this recipe will make 8 servings (of 185g each).  The calorie count will be 206 calories per serving.  Enjoy!!!

Duane and Todd

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