I Don’t Even Have Words


I admit it. I stole this photo from the inter-web but only because THIS is what the recipe PROMISED!!! THEY LIED!!!

Alright.  I have a confession to make.  I have the pintrest app on my phone.  I sometimes even look at it.  Quite often those moments are food focused.  Today I had one of those moments.  Scrolling through the photos something caught my eye…  PANCAKES!!!  I saw the photo, of beautifully golden cakes, and instantly became hungry.  Of course I began to think about things like how many calories would be in them.  After all pancakes are flour, oil, eggs… it’s all got to add up right?  Then I saw that the ingredient list.  2 eggs 1 banana.

I know you think I’m being silly, so here’s the link to the recipe.  It really is just


2 eggs and 1 banana.  I was intrigued.  Sometimes I subscribe to the theory that “you don’t need to overcomplicate your ingredients”  of course other days I hold firmly to the knowledge that “more is MORE!”  So today I thought I would see which theory was right.  It took me only a few minutes to get my outdoor griddle heated up and only seconds more to get a banana mashed up.  Quickly followed by 2 eggs, I was on a roll!!!  I took my whisk and beat the mixture to a froth.  I wanted that mix to have some “air” in it.  A flat pancake would never do!

 A quick spray of oil on the grill, and then I poured out the pancakes.  Initially they looked like I expected.  But then I had to flip them.  I have to admit… first attempt was a major FAIL!!!!  I completely destroyed that pancake.  IT was a disaster.  So was the second

D-E-A-D. DOA. Thats what these pancakes are!!!

one.  So I poured 2 more and hoped for a better result.  Thankfully ONE of them turned out enough like a pancake that I could present it to Todd.  I of course ate the “rejects” because even though they did not turn out as expected the calories had been accounted for already and they could not be wasted now could they!!!

yes, this was my BEST attempt!! I guess one outta four ain’t bad right?

But, oh how I wished they could have been wasted!!!  These pancakes were horrible!!!  Todd continues to say that they were “edible” mostly because I think he felt bad that I got suckered into making them.  I suppose there is a purpose for these sad little things.  If you were truly celiac and completely unable to eat gluten, you might want to try these.  But I will warn you, they are flat, the will be dry on the outside and somewhat spongy and damp on the inside.  Todd said something like “they seem a bit like a banana omelette” I’m not sure if that was a positive or a negative.

So I will give this “gluten free” “paleo” recipe a big thumbs down.  Sometimes simple ingredients DO need a kick to work and this is one of those times.  Todd tells me that he could make this recipe work with some modification.  I’m not sure I believe that is possible.  But I am VERY sure that I don’t want him to try!!!

I just hope you enjoyed hearing about my Sunday fail.  275 calories of barely edible banana  and eggs.  Don’t try this at home!!


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2 Responses to I Don’t Even Have Words

  1. Ok, I seriously almost made these this weekend, then changed my mind and made some gluten-free ones with GF Bisquick. Sounds like I made the right choice, haha.


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