Pink Port Cherry Yogurt Pops: (AKA The Secret in my Freezer!)


Late Sunday evening, In a frantic burst of energy, I did something I haven’t done in a long time. I created my own recipe all by myself.  From scratch.  Without Todd’s help. I don’t remember the last time I did that.  I mean I’ve cooked something from someone ELSE’S recipe without his input (that’s how I ended up being “the pasta guy” at home), but  no creations from scratch in FOREVER!!!  In actual fact there were TWO creations that night.  But since I had Todd handle “seasoning” the first one it doesn’t really count in my “Book of Big Boy Recipes” now does it!?!?

Before I share the “joint venture” recipe (in another post) let me share this one with you!  Pink Port Cherry Yogurt Pops started with some cherries that kept starring at me from our produce drawer.  Really. What’s a guy to do when you buy the Costco sized TRUCKLOAD container of cherries???  Well. First you eat them by the fistful till you get “extremely regular.”  Then you start adding them to your morning yogurt.  Soon they’ll start showing up in salads!! If you aren’t careful though they will keep calling you. BEGGING to be made into a banana split!!!!!

That was what happened on Sunday.  I heard the cherries whispering to the chocolate (which still remains in its “jail” in the freezer for fear I eat it all) that they needed to find some ice cream and a banana and ambush me with a surprise!!  Since I couldn’t have that, I quickly grabbed those cherries….   (Of course I made sure to grab the really troublesome ones and leave the others for my lunch bag the next day!) used my torture device to remove their hard, cold ruthless, evil, soul-less pits and tossed 250g of them directly into a medium sized sauce pan.

I immediately added 2 ounces of a wonderful pink port (yes, yes…. I know the proper term is Rose…  but hey….  getting my keyboard to make that beautiful accent grave (or is it acute?) is impossible in my little world….   so let’s just call it PINK port and leave it at that!) that our friend Mark had left after his last visit (amazingly I hadn’t consumed the whole bottle yet….  even after three whole days… Yay self control!!!) and using medium heat, stewed those cherries until they could no longer fight me, and they released their sweet juices which reduced down into a nice thick alcohol enhanced “compote.”

After allowing the compote to cool for about 15 minutes I added  2 tablespoons of agave nectar.  I know you’re thinking….   But that’s more calories!!!  What are you doing!!!!   Don’t worry. There’s a plan here.  Have a little faith in me ok?  The agave nectar is important for the finished texture once they freeze.  Without it the pops will be grainy and have more/larger ice crystals.  Believe me. The calories won’t get too bad here. My promise!!!

After stirring in The agave, I added the liberte classique 2% yogurt.  Stirred it till the cherry mixture was distributed evenly.  I mean really, no one wants to get one of these without it’s cherry goodness right?  Then I made sure to divide them evenly among my popsicle moulds.  With the set we bought from Ikea back in the dark ages, the right amount is exactly somewhere between “I’m ACTUALLY GONNA GET 12 OF THESE” (aka 55g) and “I LOVE IT WHEN THE MOULD IS ACTUALLY FULL!” (aka 60g).  All I had to do at that point was pop them in the freezer and let them enjoy the cold that can only be equalled by Naomi Campbell’s stare should you be wearing last season’s Prada and actually DARE to try and speak to her in public!!!  In reality, your freezer won’t really be THAT cold, and it’ll lake 5-6 hours to chill them properly.

 After that?  Unmould and enjoy at will!!  These suckers, (despite the little hit of booziness) are only 60 calories each, yet still smooth and delicious, with the occasional hit of cherry texture to surprise your taste buds.  Enjoy them.  They are about as guilt free as they can get!!!

Oh, I almost forgot…  click this link for the nutritional information!!  Sorry. I posted a bad link… Here’s a photo of the info instead!!! 😁


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