Outdoor kitchen Phase One!!!

Summer Time!!

Sorry, I’ve been away for awhile.  It’s been a rough time for me too.  First…  I had to WORK!!!  Imagine that!!!  Then of course there was the backyard “reno.”  That was when I jammed my finger with my very sharp chisel.  Then I nearly chopped the tips off of two of my fingers with my step ladder.  Of course that doesn’t include the attempt to drive a deck screw through one of the joints in my left hand.  Of course, there was an end result that I am happy about, and now I get to blog about it!!!

 What was this end result?  It was our new OUTDOOR KITCHEN!!!!  Yeah.  Duane and Todd’s kitchen has now moved OUTDOORS!!!  You should see it!!  Oh, wait…  you will really soon!!!  Right after I tell you about it I might just share a pic…..

I really don’t know how many of our “loyal readers” have been in our backyard…..  mostly because I’m not even sure who our loyal readers are!!!  Let’s just say that this backyard has never stopped evolving since we moved in almost 8 years ago!  This year though we put a pergola up over our largest deck, built an enclosure for our hot tub, and then….  behind that enclosure we decided to build an outdoor kitchen.  Of course this is only phase one.  We haven’t installed the sink or gotten running water out there yet (but hey, the sink is bought and in the shed waiting to be installed) so there will be phase two at some point…  I think there’s this thing called MONEY that’s holding things up…  but hey… with time right?

 Well, I can’t keep it in any longer…. We built a wonderful BBQ space using some dimensional lumber, left over floor tiles from a friend’s kitchen reno and the BBQs (yes BBQs…. plural) that we already had.  So.  To start?  I took our biggest (and oldest) BBQ (which was on it’s last legs) and removed it’s side burner.  For the last 2 years I’ve only ever used that BBQ to light charcoal for our ceramic “egg” BBQ.  The rest of that beloved HUGE BBQ that I bought 10 years ago (just before I met Todd) was kicked to the curb (literally) where some junk hound scooped it up for the scrap metal value before my fence gate even had a chance to be safely latched again!!!  (God I love how that works sometimes!)  Then I took our very under-utilized “flat-top” BBQ and removed it’s base (in preparation for it’s new built in life).  That BBQ is special to me for a couple of reasons….  I mean it’s different from most BBQs in that it is a flat top.  There is no high cover on it, it has a cast iron griddle which is amazing to cook on, and it has seen friends sit around it kinda like “Korean BBQ” grilling all kinds of exotic meats like kangaroo, alligator, wild boar and bison.  Basically that was when we coined the term “eat the zoo” night.  It was also on of the last times I saw my uncle Joe.  Very shortly after “eat then zoo” night, my uncle left Ontario for Newfoundland, and has since passed away.  I guess I never realized until now just how much I really like that BBQ.

IMG_5610Anyhow.  We now have a space where our charcoal ceramic egg BBQ and our flat top BBQ and our gas side burner (aka charcoal lighter) now reside.  So, here’s what it looks like.  It has only been operational for a few days but the flat top grill has gotten a workout!!!  There is gonna be a new recipe coming from this in our next post I promise!!!

So, here’s to summer.  To BBQs.  To smokey goodness.  To friends.  To food.  To staying on track with the calorie counting.  To outdoor kitchens!!!!


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