Healthy Summer Treats!!!

Todd is NEVER gonna share his ice cream with Duane again!!!

I’ve promised some original content, and now it is time to deliver!!!  While today the weather in the Toronto area seems to be avoiding the issue, it IS indeed SUMMER TIME!!!  So, while it may be cool and rainy today, I have been living in a complete dream world, where it is hot, humid and just blissfully beautiful!  I guess it’s a case of “if you can believe it, then it can happen!!!”

 So,  today, Todd and I (with the help of our friend and consultant, John) made some healthy treats!!  I have to say, today’s “experiment” turned out quite well, which is both a blessing and a curse, because now we are tweaking the concept in our heads, and we will surely have to make several varieties over time to “perfect” the recipe.   Of course though, I will not make you wait until we have kitchen tested, tweaked, altered and perfected it.  I will share the original recipe with you and give you my own feedback on what I loved about it and what we think can be improved.

So, first I will tell you that this version is a frozen Banana Blueberry Yogurt popsicle.  What do you need to make a dozen of these? (well actually I shouldn’t lie to you, this recipe will make 11 of them, if your moulds hold 50g each like ours do).  First you will need some popsicle moulds.  Ours were bought at Ikea years ago for three cents I think (I may be exaggerating here a little, but hey, that’s my prerogative…).  Then you need some yogurt.  Some bananas, some blueberries, a little agave nectar for sweetening (or you can use honey if you like), and some vanilla.  If you are like us, the vanilla is actually some vanilla beans that you have been soaking in bourbon for months (so don’t forget to include the bourbon calories in your recipe….  like I did) and of course this makes them a “little more adult” (or you can just INCREASE the amount of “vanilla” in them and feed your kids like maybe 6 or 8 of them before bedtime so you get a good night’s sleep (Yes Mary Beth, I have 6 of them available right now if you like….  lol).

Now that you know the general ingredients, let me give you the specifics:

Get out your blender.  Take 1.5 cups of Liberte Classic 2% plain yogurt put it in the blender.  Add 118g of banana (that was what our 1 banana weighed).  Throw in 150g of fresh blueberries, 2 tablespoons of agave nectar (substitute honey if you have no agave nectar) and top of with 1 tsp of the vanilla extract of your choice.  Blend the crap outta your ingredients until it’s nice and homogenized.  Pour into the popsicle moulds and throw them in the freezer for at least 4-5 hours (really….  just use your thinker here….  if they are not frozen, wait longer…..  it’s really not rocket science right???).

If you follow this recipe and your yield is 11 popsicles, then your calorie count for each popsicle will be 45 calories.  Yup, 45 calories.  So you get a nice little treat, just sweet enough to be dessert like (but not kill your calorie count), cold enough to make a hot day tolerable  and EASY enough to make any day of the week!!!!

 So.  You want our verdict?  Tasty.  Cold, slightly sweet.  Very palatable.  Be prepared for some icy crystals (lower fat means it won’t be as creamy and smooth as ice cream, but that’s the trade off for calories right?).  Basically these are a midway point between ice-cream and popsicle. Not a full on “ice” and also not a truly creamy ice cream.  Already we have begun planning some banana chocolate varieties (I think increasing the amount of banana will increase the smooth creaminess), and there is a pina colada version floating around in the air (mmmmm…. coconut cream with pineapple chunks and RUM!!!) and there will also be a version with peanut butter, I think.  We will have to keep you updated with the results…..

Why not try and make some of your own?  Let us know how they turn out….   I’m so looking forward to trying a number of varieties and seeing how we can improve on an already good starting point……..

Thanks for reading.


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