The Problem with Peer Pressure.


First.  I am sorry.  I think when you log in to WordPress to create a post and can’t immediately find where you want to be in the app, you KNOW you’ve been away too long.  So I will admit it.  My blog vacation was a little more “extended” than I had planned.

But, nonetheless I have returned, and will attmpt to share some of today’s thoughts with you.  Today of course (for those of you who read the title), the topic is “peer pressure.”  Yeah, I know it’s not a recipe (one coming soon I promise), and it doesn’t seem to be kitchen related, but in this wonderful journey Todd and I are on it is at least kitchen “adjacent.”  Mostly because I am talking about the peer pressure I’ve been experiencing at work lately related to “physical activity.”

FullSizeRenderI mean, really, after all.  Does my employer REALLY have to have a “Make Your Day HARDER” campaign right now?  Seriously.  I’m not even joking….  the new “fitness” campaign at work is called “Make Your Day HARDER.”  I mean I get their meaning….  Take the stairs not the elevator.  Walk a couple of blocks instead of taking the subway.  Get more active, see the physical benefits.  But why don’t we find a way to sell it better….  any marketing guru will tell you that the goal is to make something APPEALING to people, and HARDER just isn’t appealing.

With that being said, why is it that I now spend a little bit of my day trying to recover from the feeling of impending death that comes from taking the stairs from the 8th floor up to the 10th, then decending to the bottom of the parking garage (three floors below the rest of the human race), climbing back up to the 10th floor, before finally returning to the 8th and nearly collapsing at the nursing station???  WHY DO I DO THIS???  I mean I have never had any interest in torturing myself before.  I am not a gym rat (probably never will be), and I am one who likes PLEASURE far more than PAIN.  So WHY???  What has happened to me?

PEER PRESSURE.  Yup there it is.  I may have lost some weight.  I may have co-workers who compliment me on that accomplishment often.  But in truth they are all just jealous and want to see me DEAD!!!  Of course, since I am a guy, they (all being women, and apparently very well trained in the art of emotional blackmail and male mind control) have found a way to use my sensitive male ego against me.  NOW I HAVE TO CLIMB THE STAIRS AT LEAST ONCE A DAY…..

I guess things aren’t all bad.  I do get a little time in the stairwells each day when the sound of my own ragged breathing drowns out the cachophony of voices in my head.  And of course on my return to the unit I do seem to “get a pass” for about 10 minutes to sit at the desk and “recover.”  But I still have to ask myself how I let this happen.  How did I end up finding new parts of my body to torture and torment?

I guess it is all just as simple as one concept that affects both men and women, gay and straight alike with equal frequency….  VANITY.

Please excuse me while I go “recover.”



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3 Responses to The Problem with Peer Pressure.

  1. sounds like torture to me!!!!
    ( but a good workout I guess! )


    • Duane & Todd says:

      Well. I won’t lie. It is kinda like torture. I never realized I had it in me until lately…. But I’m beginning to think I might need to get a little more “active”. It seems that every little bit helps…. So I’m gonna take it where I can get it. It mighta taken some persuasion and GUILT from some coworkers, but hey. It’s gotten me moving right???


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