Guilty as Charged

GUILTY as charged!!!

GUILTY as charged!!!

Guys.  I’m sorry.  I’ve been negligent to the blog and to you.  Of course I have a good excuse….  But that doesn’t change anything does it?  So I will openly admit my error and promise to try harder.

We've been Kinda busy....

We’ve been Kinda busy….

Truth is Todd and I have been putting all of our free time into our backyard right now.  Yes, I know you are mostly used to hearing about time in the kitchen, but we tend to be a hand couple as well, and with the summer almost here the backyard needed some attention.  Especially since there is a major event coming up on Aug. 1/15.  I promise that I’ll update you all once it is finished (especially since a large part of the effort involves creating an outdoor kitchen area….)

The Taskmaster doesn't pay well either....

The Taskmaster doesn’t pay well either….

So, since the “taskmaster” doesn’t pay me to write blog posts, I’d better get back to the salt mines!!!  Don’t worry too much, I’m just as anxious as he to see what the end results will look like.

Until then, keep on keeping on.  I promise there’ll be a new blog post as soon as We can find time to make something worth blogging about!

Thanks for reading!


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