My new obsession.


I’m so sorry That there were no blog posts this weekend.  Todd kept me busy in the backyard, trying to get our “outdoor kitchen” started.  I really wish the weather had cooperated, because then MAYBE I would have had a really sweet post to share…  Oh well, next week I guess.  Instead, today I’ll share this short post until I can get Todd to help me write up another recipe ok?  Hope you all had a great weekend wherever you are!!

Awhile back I wrote a blog post about food memories.  You may have read it.  Then again you may not have.  Either way it’s ok by me, since you are reading this post now!!    In the post I talked about my grandmother’s raisin bread.  It seems that ever since I wrote that post I have become OBSESSED with one detail that post brought back to my mind.  Nan’s bowl.  Yeah, I know, seems like a silly thing to get stuck on doesn’t it?  But that’s just where  I am right now.  I have spent weeks hunting, picking, poking and searching.  Trying to find this one bowl that I remember from her kitchen when I was a child.

As you all know, I am a man.  Yeah, big surprise there right?  Why do I bring this up?  Well because sometimes stereotypes ARE real.  Yeah, what I’m saying here is simple.  Instead of going to the people who KNOW about this wonderful bowl, I instead spent a significant amount of time on a search for an item based on the memories of a 10 year old boy.  Yeah.  I saw many bowls that “reminded” me of Nan’s.  But I just couldn’t find THE bowl.  I remember that tan earthenware bowl in a very specific way, it was HUGE.  Really, the amount of bread dough it could hold seemed to be never ending!  I remember thinking that bowl was big enough that I could practically take a bath in it.  (Please remember, I was a kid….  I was sooo much smaller than I am now ok?).

Then there was the whole “Gripstand” or no IMG_5274gripstand question.  99% of the bowls I can find have a gripstand, you know that flattened edge at the bottom of the bowl so that you can tip it on it’s side to whisk the contents without it becoming a train wreck of an unstable mess?  Yeah THAT’s a “gripstand.”  Well I was CONVINCED that hers did NOT have a gripstand.  So I’ve been methodically looking for a very specific bowl, based on my memories.  None that I could find were big enough, or of the right shape.

Like a man refusing to ask for directions when he’s lost, I spend hour after hour in the antique shops, turning over bowls. Assessing their shapes and sizes, hoping to find that magical bowl that would unlock my own personal history, yet always coming up short.  Finally I decided to put up a Facebook post, in hopes that maybe one of my cousins or other family members might also be just as obsessive, remember this bowl, and help me out with the details so I could just end the obsession and move on with my life!  (I mean bowl hunting CAN be a very tiring affair!).  Thankfully it took only mere minutes to get the response I needed.  Why such a fast response?  Well because one of my aunts STILL  HAS THE BOWL!!!  Here I had thought that item was lost forever.  In actual fact I had been almost afraid to ask any family members for details on it because being the little shit that I was as a kid I was petrified that someone would have a story about the day I tried to go tobogganing in her bowl and destroyed it or something like that (cuz that’s something that I woulda tried to do for sure!)

So, now I have all my answers!  It is a “Green’s” bowl, made in England.  It is 11 1/2″ (I think that’s what the imprint says) in diameter, and It DOES have a gripstand.  Apparently my aunt (who has the bowl in her possession) was the original purchaser, in 1967 and gave it to her mother.  So I have to thank her for a couple of things now don’t I!  That bowl is older than I am!  And still looks like it is in pretty good shape!  Now all I need is about $80 and I will have a replica of it in MY kitchen!!

Do you know what else I found out through this little episode?  I’m not the only person who has a connection to that bowl.  Of course, my aunt who still has the original one loves it, I mean she bought it to start with!  The history of it only makes it more precious to her as well I’m sure.  She’s not the only one though, yet another of my aunts has a replica of the exact same bowl that called to her from a flea market.  So it seems to be a bit of a family obsession.  I think it’s only proof that there were good times AND good food to be had in Nan’s house when I was growing up.

So when I do FINALLY secure my copy of that bowl, and I probably spend far too much cash to do so, I think it’ll only go to show that you can’t put a price on happy memories…  Or maybe you can…. $80 seems to be this week’s going price!!

Let’s hope we all have a good week, and thanks for reading!!


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