Have an entire pizza for 195 calories (or 314 with a generous bunch of toppings)

As I sit here eating my wonderful bowl of {PopCorners chips and drink my evening glass of wine, I came across this blog post. I have seen other posts from this blogger, which have tempted me (and I will report on the success of the recipe later I am sure), but this one caught my attention because of the calorie count and the topic. I am going to reblog it here for you all, as I am not sure how quickly I am going to be able to get to trying it out and it just seems too good (conceptually) to NOT share.

I remember early on in the start of our blog that one of the people reading had mentioned problems with gluten, and therefore I think this recipe would be GREAT for them (you know who you are…. wink wink). I hope you enjoy this post from a fellow blogger. I promise there will be more original posts from Todd and I very soon!

Thanks for reading!

Live fit, die yum

If you think dieting means eating cod and salad every day then you sure are wrong my friend. I just had a whole pizza for dinner. Yes, this is a pizza that is actually good for you and no, you’re not cheating. 😀 It’s low calorie and high protein so you can have the whole pizza without any guilt feels at all. crispy and filling that leaves you satisfied for only 195 calories and can easily be done for a vegan too (it’s 140 calories if you sub the egg for the flax eggs). Doesn’t it sound like every dieters dream?

For this crust I used my own gluten free blend which contains
30 % tapioca starch – 300 g
35 % sorghum flour – 350 g
35 % corn starch – 350 g

1/4 tsp instant yeast
1 T gluten free flour blend (5 g)
1,5 T bake protein…

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