Why Whine When You Can “WINE”?


So, having looked at the recent blog stats it has become apparent that we really can’t take a day off.  Every time we skip a day to do something (like build a pergola in anticipation of the upcoming nuptials) it seems that the blog suffers, and then it takes time to start to get people to come back to reading posts.  So, since that is the case, and I truly want you all to form a habit of reading on a regular basis, I’m going to take the time to make sure there is a post for today.

Those of you who know me, know that amid all of this dieting calorie counting, I have set limits on what I am willing to sacrifice in the journey and what I absolutely REFUSE to give up.  I used to think that this list was exhaustive.  I thought there were many many things I would refuse to give up.  I mean let’s talk openly.  I LOVED coke.  I was SURE it would NEVER be cut from the list.  How wrong I was.  I mean after all, would I like to have a bottle of coke 6 times a day or would I like to have dinner?  (Rhetorical question).  Then there was CHOCOLATE (particularly MARS BARS).  🎵🎧🎼🎶Never gonna give you up.  🎶🎵🎶Never gonna let you down, 🎶🎵🎧🎼never gonna turn around and desert you🎵🎧🎵.  (Sorry Rick Astley, couldn’t resist).  Funny though, I haven’t had one of those things in months….  I don’t really know why.

Oh, I almost forgot.  BACON!  Yup, the ULTIMATE food group!!  Love that stuff!!  I used to order my Timmies grilled cheese sandwiches with either double or TRIPLE bacon each and every time I ordered it.  We won’t even talk about the GOOD stuff.  (Actually you know we WILL talk about it).  The good stuff.  You know, the bacon that came from the deli case, the Brandt double smoked stuff.  It was a religious experience that.  I do actually miss it.  I mean I DO MISS THAT STUFF.  Guess what?  I DO like the fact that I have lost 35 pounds more though.  So guess what?  I will have a day where I can get it back (on occasion). I can’t wait for that.  But that’s another story for another day.  The important thing though?  I’m not currently eating bacon.

Potatoes.  Hmmmmm.  Potatoes.  Yeah  that completely mundane boring everyday food that we all eat?  Yup those.  Almost everyday right?  Well come on, you eat them that often too I KNOW YOU DO.  What’s a day without potatoes?  Yeah.  Just incase you were wondering how I liked mine I’ll tell you.  First buy the “mini” potatoes (yes, they must be the multi colour variety.  Reds, Whites AND Purple.).  Cut those little suckers in half and put a little (who am I kidding, ALOT) of duck fat in your favourite cast iron pan, and just crisp them up until they get a little golden brown.  EAT UNTIL YOU BURST. (see if you can finish a 5 pound bag in one sitting, text me if you are successful and I will send you my potato eating crown).

I’ve probably got you all thinking that I have changed EVERYTHING, that I’ve got nothing left at all right?  Well guess what?  You’d be wrong.  DEAD WRONG.  I don’t care what you think of me.  I don’t care what labels you put on this situation.  The SURGEON GENERAL of the United States of America, the BEST COUNTRY ON EARTH (sorry Steven I know you don’t agree, but thanks for your help today), says that a grown man can have 1-2 glasses of this daily without problem.  So, I’m gonna have it.  Don’t try and stop me.  It has become my ONE DAILY REFUGE.  Yes.  I’m talking about my nightly absolution. My WINE.  Cindy.  Dee.  Dee.  Angela.  Yes…. I know you all have a glass in hand right now.  Raise it high and repeat after me.  “I love you.  you make me able to tolerate people.  You make me see that surviving another day is possible.  You are not going to be cut from my diet plan EVER!”  Ok.  I have just made myself sound like a complete “guy with a problem” but that’s not the case.  I am not physically dependant.  I don’t drink alone.  I don’t have family members who are concerned.  And I obviously don’t feel a need to hide my drinking (as evidenced by my publicly broadcasting it on my blog).  No, this is not an addiction at all.  BUT it IS a little “luxury” that I allow myself so that I can make this diet calorie counting work for me.

 No matter how many people I talk to about this. No matter how many days I spend figuring out what I can have for lunch or dinner.  Or how much effort it takes to decipher a restaurant’s web site for calorie counts, or how many things I  must now eat in smaller portions, or infrequently (or not at all).  One thing remains.  My nightly glass of red wine.  It is comforting.  It is routine.  It is a reward.  It is a symbol of another day of success.  It might not be YOUR symbol of ongoing success, but it IS mine, so do not judge.  Instead why not take control of you own situation, and find your own special symbol?  I bet when you do, the sacrifices you make throughout your day will seem less like sacrifices and more like little victories.  Let’s be honest.  In this world compromises come in all shapes and forms.  Mine just happen to come in a dark green glass bottle with a $0.10 deposit.  No harm no foul.

Thanks for reading…..


(new post tomorrow I promise)

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3 Responses to Why Whine When You Can “WINE”?

  1. Angela Wright says:

    Love it Duane!!! Your right, wine is never ever going to be removed from my reducing caloric intake! I, like you haven’t had a coke in forever and reduced my chocolate intake. Dee and I had 2 bottles of red over the weekend, actually it was Saturday night!! 😊


    • Duane & Todd says:

      Angela. If the whole diet calorie counting thing removes ALL of the little luxuries from your existence you will never see success. You have to still find something special. Something rewarding to have each day in order to find a way to keep moving forward toward the goal. Once you understand that part of the human psyche you have half of the battle already…. BTW. We need to have drinks!!! 😁


      • Angela Wright says:

        I didn’t remove anything, just reduced the amount . We do need to get together for drinks. Wine! The Fab Four was famous for their wine drinking!


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