End of day Recap

Time for an admission.  I capped of my “free day” with an all you can eat sushi dinner with friends (I won’t bore you with details, Todd already blogged about it…  just know, I didn’t make “smart” choices like Todd did, and I didn’t stop until I was absolutely stuffed.  I’m pretty sure I sailed past Todd’s 2100 calories.  I haven’t sat and figured out what my overall days intake was either.  But I’m sure I hit 2000 calories, easy even before our dinner out.  I mean really that creamy delicious “cream puff” HAD to be at least 300 or 400 calories on it’s own.  I’m afraid that I might have hit 5000 calories in one day.  Yeah.  Not a proud moment.

Unlike Todd though, I don’t feel quite as strongly about avoiding “free” days.  At least not right now.  I’m sure that I might change my mind if the scale moves in the wrong direction any time soon.  I mean don’t get me wrong.  I did have some moments of guilt.  On the other hand, those moments of guilt made me realize just that tomorrow I will be able to return to my calorie plan with a renewed vigour.  So I guess there is a silver lining to this cloud.  I guess it’s all just perspective right?

Good night to you all!


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