I’m on a cloud! Today is a free day!!

Here’s my idea for a blog post today. It’s simple really. I’m attending a conference for work. A pain conference. Since I don’t have a kitchenette or even a refrigerator at my disposal bringing my lunch wasn’t an option. Of course the conference was also providing food, and since it’s being held at the Park Hyatt I thought it should be good, so I have decided to take a “free day.” Todd of course will do the same, out of “solidarity” for my situation LOL! I am not counting calories today. I am eating “free range” no restrictions. I will share what I’ve consumed with you, maybe even post pictures….. So I guess it will be a multi part post….   I’ll post short bits as the day goes by..At the end of the day I think I will probably try and estimate the calorie count for my day. There is a theory that occasional “free days” actually help boost your metabolism so we will keep an eye on the scale over the next little while and I’ll will report my findings on this theory….
(Oh. Formatting might suck until I get home to a computer to readjust since I’m posting from my phone)

 BREAKFAST!!!  YAY!!!  Do you see how well I practiced restraint??  Oh. The scrambled eggs were free range!  And the bacon was crisped perfectly!

 And then, at BREAK!  I only ate ONE I promise!!!  And I even passed up on the muffins and COOKIES!!!

Ok. Back to sessions!!!

Later people!


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