Todd is slowly and deliberately killing Duane!

Today is a new day.  That’s what I have to keep telling myself.  A new start.  I should let go of all the things from yesterday, clear my head and start fresh.  How many times have we all had that thought?  I know I say it several times a week.  I know I’m not always as successful at it as I would like to be.  But today, I will try.  Harder.  I promise.

Why do  I need a new start?  Well let’s just say yesterday was a day of destruction.  It started with me destroying my morning.  (I had the day off and slept till past 10am).

Then I proceeded to destroy my car.  Yup.  I was driving along with the top down having a wonderful morning, sipping on my Timmies steeped tea when I blinked (at the worst possible moment) then saw nothing but blue….  and despite my best efforts, I did not have enough distance to stop, so I collided with a Mazda3.  Now I have to have my front bumper repainted.  Thankfully it was a low velocity impact, because apparently my air bags are under recall and might have injured me if they  had deployed….  but that’s a thought for another day.

 After destroying my car, I then proceeded to destroy Todd’s day.  In fairness though, that happened the moment the two vehicles collided, HE just wasn’t aware of it until I broke the news….  Nonetheless I soldiered on.  The day I had planned to use to be extremely productive just seemed to be getting further and further off the rails…. but I had to at least keep trying…  So off to the police station it was for me, to report my mishap.  Of course, there was no way possible for THIS guy to be the one I got to deal with at the police station, there couldn’t even be a bright spot to my mishap yesterday….

 There I was told that the damages were too minor to be a concern, and that my accident was “non-reportable.”  I guess into every life a little sun must shine right?  So home it was to try and get some of the things done that were on my “honey do” list.  BUT.  As I was leaving the police station to head home, I saw a WENDY’S.  I never thought I was an “emotional eater” but, apparently I was wrong!!!  I was overcome with a sudden and uncontrollable urge to walk into that fast food joint and order a BACONATER and the LARGEST fries known to mankind.  I wanted EVERYTHING on their menu actually.  ALL.  AT.  ONCE.  I fought the urge.  I mean the vehicle kept heading in the direction of the drive through and I kept thinking to myself “but ONE day won’t ruin everything right?”  But I showed great strength, and stuck to my goals.  I kept moving forward.

Of course.  Not very much farther up the road, out of the corner of my eye, I saw an A&W.  OMG!!!  Is this whole world nothing but ENDLESS rows of FAST FOOD RESTAURANTS???  REALLY???  My thoughts were now hijacked by visions of Mozza burgers and ONION RINGS!!!  Oh GOD how I love those salty crunchy rings of deliciousness!!!

The Timmies tea that I had earlier was no longer doing it’s job.  So I valiantly drove directly home, and destroyed my fridge.  I emptied prepackaged portions of sliced deli meat (intended for work lunches of course) into my mouth.  Then a hard boiled egg, and some baby bell cheese.  Then some MORE deli meat.  Thank God for pre-portioned things, because I began to realize that I was well on my way to destroying my calorie plan for the day……

That’s when I destroyed the weeds in the garden beside my driveway as a distraction.  Imagine that, accomplishing something productive AND avoiding calories all at the same time.  It was a win win situation.  But admittedly a very hard fought win.  Thankfully Todd soon came home from work, and saved me from myself, by cooking a very healthy low calorie dinner of chicken breasts and veggies.  After destroying dinner, Todd decided to kill me slowly we decided to drop in to see a friend.  A friend who lives just over 2km away.  Of course, Todd was intent on seeing me hurt….  so we walked.  Me in my leather thongs trying desperately to keep up with Todd in his frantic race to nowhere.  (Usually he’s trying to keep up with me when we walk, but alas I was unprepared last evening….  by the time we arrived home I was throughly unimpressed with my choice of footwear…).  After almost 4.5km of brisk walking we were at home again and ready to call it a night.

Of course, my destruction did not end there….  This morning I awoke at 5am only to realize that while I managed to avoid destroying my diet calorie count yesterday, I DID manage to destroy something else….  MY BODY!  OMG!  Today I hurt in places I did not know I had!!!  So, with some advil and tylenol on board I’ve set about to try and survive my day.  With any luck at all work will keep me distracted from the discomfort, at least that’s what I hope…..  But, hey, it’s all worth it right?  After all, I’m now in the 160’s, and if MFP is even remotely correct, soon to be in the 150’s.  Just look at last night’s “prediction.”  I’m soooo happy!!!  Like they always say…. “No pain No gain!”

 Thanks for reading!!


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