Revelations of a “calorie counting” Princess….

 Happy Sunday everyone!!!  Yeah, I know, what the hell am I talking about right?  The weekend is all but over, and morning will be here far too soon.  Which means the beginning of yet another work week, with all of its usual stressors is almost upon us.  Of course the last thing you wanna think about at this point is “calorie counting” right?  Well, come on now, you guys all know by this point that calorie counting is never far from my mind at any point lately.  It seems to constantly occupy the entire front of my brain, maybe even to the point of distraction from other things that SHOULD have my attention.  Sorry guys, but I’m a man on a mission!!!  Can’t rest until I reach the goal that was set!!

 I guess you are wondering where I am headed here, with the “product” pictures.  Well, This is not really a “product review” (though I may share some opinions).  It is more of a chat about how we eat, what our motivations are and how important it is to actually reflect on our behaviour around food.  I promise it will not be a long drawn out post, but more of a quick “run through” of my random thoughts this evening…..  By the end of my post I’m sure you will realize that I’m not bashing any specific product or manufacturer.  Just looking at how I respond to them, and what consequences that might have on my attempts to loose weight.

Ok then, I guess I won’t draw this out anymore.  Today we went grocery shopping, as we often do on Sundays.  We are always on the lookout for snack products that help us stay “on track” and today was no different.  As you may know we have a fondness for PopCorners chips lately, and today we found a Kellogs product which seemed, from the packaging, to be very similar in look, texture and calories to our usual PopCorners.  So we just HAD to try them out.  I know this sounds like a looming product comparison, but trust me that’s not exactly where I am headed.  Somewhere about the time that I was measuring up my bedtime snack portion I began to think about how these snacks are eaten, and how I respond to them as well as how that affects my calorie intake.

Todd has very often said to me, “You eat with your eyes first.”  I have watched countless episodes of Food Network shows where numerous “celebrity” chefs have repeatedly said the exact same thing.  I guess if it’s something that Gordon Ramsay, Susur Lee, Nigella Lawson, Giada De Laurentiis and practically EVERY food network “personality” has said then Todd surely can’t be wrong right?  So, as I emptied the box of the Kellogg product into my bowl this evening at first I was struck by a sense of dispointment,  My bowl didn’t look “full” enough.  That’s exactly when my thoughts started to wander.  You eat with your eyes first.  And my eyes were already hungry and looking for my next meal.  Do you want a visual?  (You know I’m giving you a visual anyway right?  Here it comes….)

 Why don’t you tell me what you see?   Come on…..  It’s ok.  I’m sure we are seeing the same things right?  On the left, brighter yellow.  On the right fuller bowl.  On the left more pieces.  On the right fuller bowl.  On the right paler chips on the left less in the bowl.  Are you getting my point?  Let me tell you what you need to know.  Both bowls are the same weight.  The PopCorner bowl is maybe 10 calories more…  hang on a minute, let me do the math…..  left bowl 60 grams for 240 calories.  On the right? 60 grams for 257 calories.  Are we gonna split hairs over those damn 17 calories??  ‘Cuz I mean we CAN if you wanna….  but is it really worth all that effort?  Lets just call it a wash there can we?  Ok, settled.  Or in the vernacular of one of my favourite TV shows (Cougar Town) “Change Approved!”

I guess what I am trying to say is there has to be some balance.  You have to know what’s going to work for you.  Even the LOOK of what you are eating has an effect.  First it has to look appetizing.  In this case, both are probably roughly equal.  Then it has to LOOK filling.  That’s where the bowl on the right wins.  Taste good? that’s the next hurdle.  In this scenario Todd and I both agree that it’s pretty close, but if we had to declare a winner it’s be the PopCorners winning by a hair.  Crunch? Win goes to Kelloggs.  Number of times hand gets to move from bowl to mouth (hey it matters, it can 1. slow down the rate at which you eat and 2. make you feel like you’ve eaten MORE) win to Kelloggs.  Then I guess there’s the question, overall do they SATISFY?  For me?  Win to PopCorners.  I’m honestly sitting here trying to do the math right now.  On paper I think it’s a complete wash.  There doesn’t seem to be a winner.  Each product has its advantages AND its disadvantages….

I guess the only way to settle this is to say that you need to look at not just WHAT you eat but HOW you eat, WHERE you eat and maybe even most importantly WHY you eat.  Calorie counting dieting is more than just counting those pesky calories.  It is systemically evaluating what you do and why you do it.  It’s identifying your problems and finding ways to solve them.  If you expect to be handed a system (Atkins, South Beach, the Blood Type diet, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig etc etc etc etc) what you might just spend a lot of time and money finding out is that a specific system just doesn’t WORK FOR YOU.  Yes, weight loss is pretty basic in a lot of ways…..  When calories burned are greater than Calories consumed weight loss occurs…  But our own inner processes around food and eating can actually be the determining factor in our intake, and that cannot be ignored.   So tonight I’m gonna say that PopCorners win, for me at least.  But hey, don’t let my own personal evaluations keep you from trying the Kelloggs product…. maybe for you they will unlock the door to your goal.  Why not give it some thought.  That’s really the most important thing after all……

Thanks, and good night…..


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