Why not Take a Walk??

and style Well guys, this is just going to be a short post.  Another post that shares a little bit of our day from yesterday.  The goal here, is to highlight a little physical activity ( well, maybe more than just a “little” activity… by the end of this “little” walk we were feeling it for sure!).  Yesterday, after spending the afternoon in the garden, trying to get it cleaned up and ready for the upcoming warm weather season we made the decision to take a walk.  Truthfully?  I think the decision was kind of forced on us.  It seems that the apartment building behind us decided on holding a “lawn party” and the incessant noise of screaming children combined with loud music of a genre we do not particularly find enjoyable was the impetus to force us from our own property to take a “little” 6.3km walk.  (Maybe they should throw more parties?  OH MY GOD NO!!!!!). IMG_0047Just in case you don’t believe us, here’s the “Map My Walk” (forever more referred to as “MMW”) screen shot to prove it!!!  Yes, 6.3km of walking.  Of course, it was really a great Sunday afternoon stroll, and I did get to see things in our neighbourhood that I had not paid attention to before.  Just like last week’s walk in Toronto, I was a little camera happy, and of course I want to share some of those photos with you!!!  I know that a lot of people don’t think of Brampton as the most beautiful city.  Some days I have those same feelings as well.  But it is actually amazing how much there is to see and how wonderful our city can be.  I hope that the photos we share show some of the beauty that exists in our city….



3So, there’s our Sunday stroll in pictures.  6.3km of walking and a significant chunk of “extra allowable calories” for our efforts.  (Not that we allowed ourselves to eat those extra calories of course….)  We would both encourage you all to enjoy some extra activity during this warmer weather, and explore the world around you.  Sometimes you find things you never knew were there,like that wonderful dog who scared the daylights out of Todd when he approached the fence without warning, barking like you’ve never heard before, or the proof that people like to drink in the park (imagine that?  drinking in public??)

Thanks For following our blog…

Duane and Todd

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