This week’s “Check-in”

Duane and Todd do their

Duane and Todd do their “happy Dance!”

Ok guys. Time for a check-in I guess.  Todd has been giving me grief for not keeping you all up to date on how he is doing, he feels that I have only been blogging from my own perspective.  Of course, this is ACTUALLY true!!!  I was trying to be a GOOD HUSBAND and not “steal his thunder” and just generally making sure he had something to blog about, if he chose to (since he has said that he wants to write).  Anyhow, now that I have his blessing to share his news as well as my own, I guess it’s time for a routine check in, or status update.  Yes I know there has been no set routine for these things…  as a matter of fact I don’t even know if we’ve done a “check in” yet at all…..   but anyway….  I digress.

The journey has been well worth it so far.  What do I mean when I say “well worth it”?  Well  I will start from Todd’s perspective.  Less than 5 months into this journey he has lost 56 pounds (that’s a large child incase you didn’t know!!!)  Before this challenge started he was wearing pants that were a 40″ waist.  Now I’ve been giving him my 36″ pants to wear (since they no longer fit me anyway).  So right there?  I think congrats are in order for the guy right?  Of course, he’s still not completely satisfied….  there is 39 more pounds to go to reach his goal.  But let’s be honest, there is more to this than a number on a scale right??  So what other things have changed for him?


Well, let’s start out by saying that I would never in any way shape or form suggest that anyone make any changes to their medications without consulting their physician.  However, with that being said, I AM a nurse so when Todd began to complain about feeling dizzy on occasion I could not sit by without digging about a little.  That’s when we found that his systolic blood pressure was sitting at about 100-104.  To those of you who don’t know what this means (normal systolic b/p is 120),  this made us realize that maybe, just maybe his blood pressure mediations were keeping him just a little bit too low.  So, a short b/p medication “holiday” was in order.  Amazingly, his blood pressure remained within range of normal even without his medications….  so  currently?  No B/P meds.  YAY!!!

I’m not sure how many of you know this, but Todd is also type II diabetic.  His blood sugar levels were not the best controlled prior to this journey.  He was taking two different pills three times daily to try and control this.  Now?  After less than 5 months?  His blood sugar levels seem to be the under the best control ever.  AND the best part?  He seems to be needing less and less medication to keep it there.  Even on the occasional day when he “forgets” his medication his blood sugar levels remain normal.  Even on his worst days he only needs maybe one dose of medication for his blood sugar.  Basically Todd is now actually looking forward to his next doctor’s appointment just to see the look on Dr. Mike’s face when he tells him about his progress.  That’s not something you would usually expect someone to say right?  That they are looking forward to their next doctor’s visit (especially when you doctor keeps saying “you’re too fat  loose some weight would ya??)

All in all?  56 pounds gone.  No b/p meds, decreased diabetic meds, and 4 inches lost in the waist…..  Very much worth the effort spent wouldn’t you say??

I on the other hand did not have any medical issues  IMG_0003(yet).  So I have no news of decreased medications or better controlled blood sugar levels.  All I have to tell you all is that I have surrendered my size 36″ jeans to Todd.  (well truthfully?  I am still cinching some of them onto my body with belts because I refuse to buy new clothes until I reach my goal).  I have gone from weighing in at 203 pounds to 169 pounds in less than 5 months.  Yes.  I have FINALLY gotten into the 160’s!!!!  I am soooooo happy this week!!!!!

I hate to tell you all that I have had a love/hate, easy/tremendously hard struggle with this whole journey.  There have been brief moments when I have truly wanted to eat EVERYTHING IN SIGHT.  But somehow these moments have not lasted long, or hit me as hard as I had expected they would.  Maybe it’s because between us we have not only had support from each other, but we have also built techniques to tackle the things that challenge us both.  I think this is probably the key to our success so far.  I think we have done a good job of telling you guys how we have done this so far.  I promise we will continue to share our struggles AND our victories!!!

Thanks for following us on our journey!!

Duane and Todd.

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