Time for Something New!!!

 Ok.  Today has been a good day so far.  I wasn’t completely dead tired when my alarm forced my eyes open.  Of course, then I decided to stand on the scale today (which I KNOW I promised myself I would only do once a week….  but come on….  I just HAD to!), and the number was good.  I mean it wasn’t quite the number I wanted (I’m just so anxious to say that I’m in the 160’s, let’s be honest….).  So today I am officially 171.5lbs.  I’ll take that!!!  It means that I can truthfully say (when people ask, as they seem to be doing more frequently recently) that I have now lost 30lbs in the last 4 months.  It feels good to say that.  It really does.

The number on the scale isn’t the only change either.  I’ve started giving all my jeans to my wonderful hubby.  It’s kinda nice how it means that my clothes aren’t just being given away or tossed out.  Todd and I now have a closet full of “sliding scale” clothes (that one was for all you nursing types… I know you got it…).  As we both loose weight I pass my jeans to him and I get to go shop for more!!!  YAY for me!!!  Of course I did make a promise to myself that I would not buy any clothes unless absolutely necessary at all until I reached my goal weight.  That being said however, my work clothes are starting to show the change maybe a little too well.  I mean I know scrubs are supposed to be a bit roomy for ease of movement and such, but come on….  THIS is getting to be a bit much don’t you think??  A very good friend of mine who has also recently gone through a significant weight loss herself (you know who you are) gave me some sage advice….  “buy yourself AT LEAST one new pair of scrubs.  You’ll be amazed at how you will feel, how it will re-energize you to keep on the path to the goal and how it will make others see you in the process.”  Thanks for that advice…  I guess it will be time to go shopping this weekend then!!!

Other than the actual physical changes in my size and shape there have been other benefits to this whole journey as well.  Not to get everyone all grossed out here, but I have had life long struggles with IBS.  (we will never speak of this again….  oh hell, who am I kidding….  I’m sure we’ll be back on this topic before long, but for now, let’s just pretend ok?)  Since reducing the caloric intake and watching what goes into my body a little more closely I can honestly report a significant decrease in the amounts of medication I have had to take to keep this problem in check.  That for me has been a HUGE bonus!!!

While we are on the topic of changes, I should also say that during this journey I have also taken the time to deal with another long standing issue.  Due to the shift work us nurses endure, and for me this shift work goes all the way back to when I started in the “patient care” world at the age of 18 (if any of you are good at math….  I’m now 45 so that’s ALMOST 30 years ago!), I have had a problem with fatigue for decades.  I have never been a morning person I will admit, I despise mornings and all the morning people in the universe, but recently the overwhelming fatigue that never seemed to lift was derailing my ability to function both at work and at home.  I was certain that without resolving the issue I would “run out of steam” with this whole journey to physically improving myself, so it was time to go see someone who could help with the issue.  Now, after almost 2 months, I have to say, I should have visited my sleep specialist years ago!!!!  Yes, Iknow I worked in sleep medicine myself for many years, and yes I know that I should have taken care of this issue long ago (insert story of the sholess cobbler’s children here).  But, nonetheless, I HAVE started to take care of the issue now, and I can actually say that I have had some sucess for the efforts.

Where am I headed with this update?  Well.  Admittedly it’s quite fun to just throw all this up on a blog post so I can see it in writing.  It’s kinda cathartic after all.  But, no I WAS headed somewhere specific.  This morning I thought of something new to add to my journey of self improvement that I have set out on.  It’s a thought that was brought about by the perfect storm of the improving weather, my fitbit and my calorie counting.  Well, that and the fact that I often work in the center of downtown Toronto where there is SOOOOOO much to see that I usually ignore as I run through it to go about my day.  So, here’s my new idea.  Each day at lunch (when the weather is warm enough and dry enough and not so humid that I’m sticking to myself…  you get the point… I’m giving myself enough room to nothave to do this EVERYDAY!) I will use my lunch break to take a walk.  Yes, I know.  Earth shattering news right?  Wait though.  I will use the “map my walk” app that Todd so lovingly downloaded to my phone.  (Yeah I know, still nothing more than planned exercise right?).   But here’s the fun addition.  I will post the map of my walk each time I do this, AND I will take photos of things along the route which I find interesting, beautiful, funny, etc.  Basically things that catch my attention.  I’ll do this in the hope of “reconnecting” with the great city we call Toronto (and maybe even Brampton too, since Todd has been trying to get me to walk our neighbourhood lately).  Kind of a method to try and stop and smell the flowers so to speak.

Ok, so right up front.  Here’s my lunch time stroll.  Well, in truth it was more of a break neck power walk…  lol.  I know the screen shot doesn’t indicate it, but it was 3.76km.  I really nice walk to fit into a lunch break.  I did survive it.  There are witnesses.  I mean I WAS winded.  I DID feel a little on the sweaty side….  but I did make it through.  So, I have a sense of pride in that at least.  Of course the map of my walk looks as wobbly as my legs felt when I was done (seems the GPS tracking was not the most accurate) but it proves my accomplishment at least!!  YAY!!  Of course it also logs my exercise and makes me look REALLY good in the “My Fitness Pal” app (which I think from now on will simply be called MFP!!

Via Vai. Newly opened wood fired pizza restuarant… this will become my kryptonite one day soon I am sure….

These pictures are all of the sights and sounds that caught my attention today while I was busy trying to get “healthy.”  I could probably write pages and pages here but I will show restraint, and simply caption each with a short phrase and move on…  (“lol  yeah.  like THAT’S gonna happen!”  yes I CAN hear your thoughts!!)

the bright burst of reflected light made me think there was hope for spring’s arrival….. I’m still staying hopeful!

old, architecture and doors. combined in one photo. Kinda sweet really!


An awesome orange door made from a shipping container. One of Todd’s favourite colours is orange… funny how after almost 9 years to gather I still think about him all day long!!!

See.  The city of Toronto is interesting right?  Even a nice healthy walk can be fun too.  Especially if you keep your eyes o[pen to the things around you as you pass them.  I mean, in truth, sometimes we build things up too much.  Set a very high bar for what we think is “interesting” or “significant.”  Truth be told, often we over look the opportunities to be happy or contented because we are too busy looking for the next BIG thing.  Or the next NEW thing.  Or sometimes just the next THING.  Then again. sometimes, just putting in a set of earphones, and walking aimlessly and allowing yourself the freedom to take pictures like a tourist can be all the break from reality a guy needs from his busy day at work.

just a sculpture outside a building that I like.  It adds

just a sculpture outside a building that I like. It adds “interest” to the neighbourhood.

Sick Kid's Hospital's new research building.  Love the blue glass panels.  Funny how they remind me of someone I never met but wish desperately that I had....

Sick Kid’s Hospital’s new research building. Love the blue glass panels. Funny how they remind me of someone I never met but wish desperately that I had….

sometimes your camera just takes random pictures you didn't plan which can become

sometimes your camera just takes random pictures you didn’t plan which can become “artful” with just a little filtering…

for my friend Steve who likes doors

for my friend Steve who likes doors

yes  Toronto does have street people.  Might as well show the city as it really is right?

yes Toronto does have street people. Might as well show the city as it really is right?

I'm still wondering what it is that I'm missing at

I’m still wondering what it is that I’m missing at “Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Cheesecake” My Friend John tells me that I shouldn’t be such a “basic bitch” (I think he means I shouldn’t be a lemming and just stand in a line up just because everyone else does….) Maybe on day I will find out what all the fuss is about?

but we have tourists too!!

but we have tourists too!!

Toronto City Hall.  Cool building!!

Toronto City Hall. Cool building!!

Just love that colour!!!!  I mean I know it's just a bike... but it looks awesome to me!!

Just love that colour!!!! I mean I know it’s just a bike… but it looks awesome to me!!

what can I say.  I'm a sucker for architecture!

what can I say. I’m a sucker for architecture!

Toronto even has theatre!!

Toronto even has theatre!!

and street performers!!

and street performers!!

Of course Ryerson has to have a cool building too right?  I love it, but I wonder how well it will age.....

Of course Ryerson has to have a cool building too right? I love it, but I wonder how well it will age…..

Sometimes I just feel too short.....

Sometimes I just feel too short…..

Now that I’m back from my lunch time stroll throw out a challenge to you all.  Download the “Map my Walk” app if you have a smart phone.  Walk at least 1km.  Take some pictures of the things you find interesting along the path.  Then feel free to e-mail them to me.  I’ll include them in future blog posts.  Let’s actually do something together that will help improve our well being and will let us all see the world from someone else’s perspective.  Whether you live in Toronto, or Germany or Brazil or Yellowknife it doesn’t matter there is beauty around you.  Get out and see it!  Capture it.  Share it.

Well, that was my walk for today (ok for THURSDAY… it took me a little bit to get this posted thanks to some formatting issues…  so sorry guys…  but here it is anyway!!!.  Hope you enjoyed it.

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2 Responses to Time for Something New!!!

  1. Keep up the good work!I lost over 40lbs once and then stopped trying – it all crept back…


    • Duane & Todd says:

      Yes. I’ve heard many people have had the same problem…. I’m sure it’s something that we will struggle with as well. When we reach our goal we will have to find some strategies that work I’m sure. Hopefully this blog will help keep us “honest” in that regard…. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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