It’s getting HOT in here…. (No… Not the weather….I WISH!)


So, I’ve been fighting the urge to write this very short post, because I’m getting afraid that you all will start to think that I am just shamelessly plugging random tools, companies and products.  I know I have made it clear that I am not being sponsored by ANYONE to say ANYTHING (and if that EVER changes you will know….  because you’ll hear me hooting and hollering for joy!!!  LOL).  That being said…..

We have recently found something that has made me very happy!!  If you are reading this post, I am sure that you have become aware that Todd and I are trying to control calories and loose some weight.  I will state for the record, that at this point TODD has been VERY sucessful (don’t worry, I’m doing ok with it too).  He is starting to wear clothing which only weeks ago he could not wear, and is well on his way to getting back to the weight he was at when we met almost 9 years ago.

A large change in making this happen was the types of side dishes we now eat.  We were no strangers to rich, heavy, buttery, DELICIOUS sides!!!  Vegetables mashed with lots of butter, heavy cream and love.  Vegetables oven roated with a generous coating of olive oil and herbs.  Potatoes sauted in the pan with duck fat.  MMMMMMM…..  all very delicious, but all very heavy on the calories.  To reach our goal, there have been far fewer of those days let me tell you.  Don’t get me wrong we still use butter, but most often in preparing our proteins, and it is very carefully measured and counted in our calorie allotment.  So, much of our vegetable sides have been steamed lately.  Now, before we all get our noses out of joint, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH STEAMED VEGETABLES!!!  I really do love when you can actually taste the flavour of the thing you are cooking.  BUT.  Sometimes.  I.  Need.  More.


 What’s a guy to do??  Butter and oil, while they add flavour, also add a lot of calories.  Sauces, for the most part…. ditto.  Cheese?  Yes it’s wonderful on your veggies but, let me be honoest with you, it’s a weakness of mine, and once I start I can’t stop, and the calorie count gets WAY outta control.  (my only current tactic to let me eat cheese without loosing control is to put one of those “individual” babybel cheeses in my lunch bag, but honestly?  While it may be good, it isn’t chateau du Bergone. andI do miss that.)  My most recent trick??  HOT SAUCE!!!   Oh, MY!!!  We have found a very nice bottle, which has great flavour, without the blistering heat you usually think of when you think Dave’s Red Hot or Tobasco.  It also has 0, yes ZERO calories!!!  Admittedly, I am sure that if you ate an entire bottle of this stuff there would be some calories to account for.  I’m sure this is just a mathematical thing, since the serving size is 5ml (1 tsp), I am sure the manufacturer just chose a serving size which clocks in at 0.49 calories which allows them to “round down” to 0 on their labelling just to catch consumers like me.  BUT.  even if it is just great “marketing” a tablespoon of this (and who would use a tablespoon of hot sauce),  would still only be a calorie or two, so flavour per calorie this is a winner any way you slice it!!    Also this sauce is gluten free, fat free and MSG free.  The list of ingredients does not read like the syllabus of a university chemistry course, and it’s tasty!! Just a little drizzled on those fresh steamed veggies and your mouth will sing!!  (I’m not sure if you noticed or not, but there are TWO bottles in my pantry AND a bottle in my fridge, so yes, I do actually love this stuff!)

I guess then, that would be my tip for the day… add flavour, not calories and you can enhance your chances of staying with your calorie counting plan.  Calories aren’t our only villan on this journey, boredom is every bit as important to avoid.  That’s why I love this sauce.  It’s definately NOT boring, and helps me keep on track.  So far both my mouth AND my waist are thanking me!!

Thanks for Reading


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