This past weekend we got a new toy.  I have wanted this ever since I knew the device existed.  Of course, when I FIRST discovered it, it was only available in comercial kitchen models which cost a crazy amount of money.  BUT just recently Kitchenaid released a version of it for the home cook.  (no this is NOT a sponsored post…GOD I WISH!!).  What device am I talking about?  The Kitchenaid food processor attachment for the stand mixer.  Ok, so I’m sure youo’re thinking, “what the heck is he going on about!?!?  What’s so new about a food processor attachment?”  Well, get ready for it…..  IT DICES.  Yup, fast, efficient, and consistent, and that’s why I love this thing.

You have to understand.  Since meeting Todd I have been religated to “sous chef” in our kitchen.  I often joke that Todd will allow me to only peel and chop (and only on rare occassions dice) the vegetables.  The sad part?  My dicing skills aren’t really up to par.  I mean, really.  A good dice is supposed to be very uniform.  Perfect little cubes of vegetables.  Not rectangles, not octagons, not choppy little “squish bits” of vegetables.  Unfortunately, that’s what mine always were.  I can still hear Todd from across the kitchen going “Noooooooo……  I said DICED not MINCED!!!!!!”

Anyway, that’s how I first started to wonder why there wasn’t a bright enough person to make a kitchen machine that could do this!!!  I mean how hard could it be???  Then one day I was at Nella, the restaurant supply store in Woodbridge, to get Todd’s knives sharpened.  (I think Nella  is just heaven!  But I digress).  As I walked in and wandered the aisles waiting for Todd’s knives to be finished I stumbled upon a machine that proported to be able to produce diced vegetables in no time flat!!!  I was absolutely in AWE!!!  (Of course then I had to look at the price and my dreams were immediately shattered).  What I had stumbled upon was a “robot coupe” food processor, and I did not have the almost $2000.00 required to take it home.  I was heart broken.

Then, just recently, Kitchenaid decided to release a food processor attachment for my stand mixer.  IT HAD A DICING FEATURE!!!   I was overjoyed!!!  Admittedly, it isn’t an ADJUSTABLE dice like the robot coupe.  BUT  it makes a mean salsa!!!   Todd won’t be able to yell at me anymore either ‘cuz the dice will be all nice and uiform!!!  YAY!!!  The best part?  It WASN’T $2000.00  it was less than $300!!!!  No more long tiresome periods standing at the cutting board trying to make perfect cubes!!  I’ll pay $300 for that for sure!!!

What was the first thing I used it for?  SALSA!!!  Below I will give you the particulars of that little epissode!  But I can see it getting used for quick soups, and maybe vegetable hash.  I’m sure it will be useful for doing pickled vegetable relish and other such fun things as well.  I’m sure I’ll keep you posted as we go…..  But for now?  Salsa.


  • 15g garlic (one large clove)
  • 400g tomatoes
  • 100g red onion
  • one jalapeno pepper (aprox 20g)
  • 200g assorted sweet bell peppers
  • 30 ml lemon juice
  • 15g green onion
  • 2 tsp parsley flakes
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp ground corriander seed
  • 1 tsp smoked paprika


  • mince garlic and toss in bowl
  • dice tomatoes place in bowl
  • mince onion add to bowl
  • mince jalapeno pepper (make sure to remove seeds first) add to the growing pile of goodness in your bowl
  • dice the bell peppers and add to bowl
  • stir through the lemon juice and seasoning.
  • now just enjoy!!!

This “snack” is only 143 calories (the chips are 120 alone!  This 1/2 serving of salsa is 23 calories!!!)

Thanks for reading!!


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