Rant for the Day

belle-gibson-faked-her-cancer-story-13745854If you want to know what’s getting me all riled up today, just take about 3 seconds to read the online article at this link. That’s right. GO READ IT. Then come back and we can talk. (funny I just heard Joan Rivers in my head as I typed that line. May she rest in peace.)


Ok, so just where do I start?

Do I tell you that CANCER has been the disease which has afflicted my family multiple times? That I never got to meet my grandmother because she died when my father was only 7 years old? That my paternal uncle struggled, fighting the desease for many years befor efinally passing away? That my paternal aunt died at the age of 32 just 2 years after giving birth to a healthy little boy who never got to really know his mother?

Do I tell you that as a health professional I routinely face the frustration of patients wanting to cure every ailment from ingrown toenails to major depressive episodes to BRAIN CANCER with nothing more than tumeric and garlic cloves!! How do I explain the scenario in which I get to watch patients needlessly suffer and deteriorate because they avoid treatments sponsered by “Big Pharma” in favour of trips to the health food isle at “WholeFoods?” Watching them gladly giving their hard earned dollars without noticing the irony of how big a business “holistic medicine” has become.

Do I tell you that I cringe at times when I tell people about the latest new thing I have found, or new recipe Todd has created, knowing full well that there is always a chance that people will hear the word “organic” or hear me mention something that the media is hyping as a new “superfood?” That I am afraid people will think that maybe, somehow, I have lost all reason and joined camp with the granola crunching, “herb” smoking, less than logical masses who are flocking TOWARDS the holistic trend and AWAY from science, reason and medicine?

Man. I am so about to get told off for this post I think. So let me be clear. This is very much a personal “knee jerk” reaction to ONE thoughtless and VERY misguided individual. I have no issue with anyone who utilizes holistic medicine as an “adjunct” to science. I have friends and co-workers who utilize or are even practicioners in therapies such as accupuncture, therapeutic touchand reiki. I know people who use herbs medicinally (no… I’m not talking about pot here…. although those people exist too of course). I have no issue with these things at all. BUT. As in all things. I have an issue with extremism. When the obsessive compulsive tendencey that most of us have within goes into overdrive, and we focus on only ONE MINUTE DETAIL excluding all others, that is when things go wrong. Very wrong.

Today I just cannot stand by one minute longer while this terrible excuse for a human being misleads an entire group of people with FALSE HOPE and LIES.  I am amazed by her ability, when CAUGHT in her lies, she then chooses to play the “victim.” Really? Is that where you want to take this whole concept?? Belle Gibson. You have done something very wrong. In reality, I can’t call it anything less than EVIL. I wish there was a way that I could find the list of people, who because of your story, shunned western medicine, followed your miracle diet and lifestyle to cure their ailments but died needlessly because of your lies. I would like to take you to their grave sites, have you view those manicured plots where their bodies lie, still, cold, quiet….. because of YOU!!! I would like to be able to introduce you to their families, have them tell you all the stories and memories they have of those people. Have you, maybe in some extremely tiny way, get an understanding of who they were, what their life meant to those around them. I’d like to see if you could understand, even one little tiny bit, just how SELFISH you have been, building an organization for the purpose of bettering your financial position at the cost of someone else’s LIFE.

You can tell me about the fact that you have had a bad childhood (but right now of course you won’t). You can tell me about how you THOUGHT you were helping others (but you still remain silent about your reasons don’t you?). You could try and explain away all of the wrong you have done, hurt you have caused and potential harm you are responsible for through your sensational story and lies. But right now? You don’t even try to do that do you? No. There has been no apology. You have not suddenly become “aware” of the damage you have done. Instead you are pointing the finger at those people in the world who refuse to treat YOU with “humility and respect”? Where was your humility and respect when you were taking people’s money and endangering their lives to fullfil your own personal agenda of lies?? I’m quite sure you had none. So I in turn shall not offer any to you.

When you have had the opportunity to walk even just a half a mile in the shoes of a health care proffessinoal who has struggled to help a cancer victim live to their fullest. When you have felt personal pain because you have seen the agony in their eyes that you cannot resolve with drugs, or any other therapy. When you have to comfort a distressed family member because on tuesday, while feeding their mother lunch they looked down and thought “this might be the last time I get to make her favourite meal for her” and melted into a puddle of their own tears while trying to hide their concern from the patient. When you have finally realized yourself that after you have done EVERYTHING HUMANLY POSSIBLE to help your patient you have STILL FAILED MISERABLY (and have to console yourself with the knowledge that “being there” for the family when they are in need is the only measure of success you will get). Then and ONLY then Ms. Gibson will I even give you the time of day to speak with you, and see if those experiences have changed you from the wretched inhuman being you are into someone who just might be able to reach redemption and join the human race.

Right now I must stop this rant.  My head is too busy of memories of my own family members and the many patients who touched my life along the way.  Somehow, in this emotional storm I need to gather myself and go back to tending to my patients who need me today and might actually benefit from my care, instead of wasting my time howling at the moon as if it could change the world.


Thanks for listening to my rant.



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