The New Way We Use Our “Breadbox”

HBL8750UCI guess I should be clear here.  the tittle is a little misleading.  at our house we refer to the microwave as our breadbox.  Why is that?  No we haven’t found some crazy easy way to make bread in it.  There are no “Keebler elves” baking cookies and it does not replicate hot french croissants by voice control (although when THAT technology becomes available I WILL be the first in line!) .  Quite simply, we have never really used it for much other than storing our bread. 

Why is that you might ask?  Well quite simply, until this recent diet “change,” we have never really found it useful.  Until the start of our diet calorie counting journey, we had a routine.  Monday through Friday Todd and I would simply buy breakfast and lunch while we were out at work.  Todd would quite often stop at Timmies (An iconic Canadian donut shop for any of you reading from outside Canada) for coffee and whatever else struck his fancy.  Me, being tied to the only food outlet currently open in the new hospital I work at, also had to depend on the Tim Horton’s kiosk, which if you think about it, is not a particularly great plan, as low calorie NEVER comes form a donut shop right?  Lunch would always be fast food, Wendy’s, More Timmies, A&W, whatever we could find.

By the time I was done my long 12 hour shift, I really had no energy or inclination to want to put together a meal at home.  Todd would occassionally think to cook, (since he loves to cook and works shorter hours), but more often than not, we hadn’t planned on cooking and the groceries didn’t come together in a way that made cooking an appealing option.  On those evenings, (probably 80% of the evenings in reality), things would simply start with me calling Todd from my car as I left work, and us arguing negotiating which fast food joint I would pick up dinner from.  Let’s just say deep fried chicken and “taters” was a STAPLE in our repetoire!!!

BUT……  on the weekends?  That was when we would grocery shop!!!  Out to the farmer’s markets, the butcher, the specialty grocery stores!!!  Dry aged beef, unusual mushrooms, interesting grains, anything really that caught our attention, or made us wonder “just how do you cook that?  and what could WE do with it?”  Those were the nights of inviting friends for dinners, and often eating multi course meals, with full accompaniment of breads, cheeses and wines!!  And there was always bread to spare.  So it would sit in the microwave because Todd hates a cluttered kitchen, and of course “out of sight out of mind” it would sit until the next weekend when we would find a brick of stale bread waiting for us.

I had always wondered why people used their microwaves so much, I mean in truth, since I finished college (I won’t tell you how long ago that was, but let’s just say it’s measured in decades) I have rarely found use for it.  Trying to actually “cook” anything in it is futile, as it never heats through evenly.  Defrosting things?  ARGH grey edges with ice crystals in the centre…..  no thanks.  Even trying to just reheat a nice bowl of Todd’s tomato soup would boil the liquid at the edge of the bowl, and cause the cream to separate…  so instead, into a pan it would go to be reheated gently.  In complete honest

Now however, our breadbox microwave rarely holds bread (with the cod en papillotecaloriecounting we seem to eat far less of it!) and We have finally seen the blasted device find it’s stride in our kitchen repetoire.  With the change to freshly prepared meals, and an increase in vegetable consumption it has been determined that for us, the major advantage of owning this machine is STEAMING VEGETABLES!!!  premeasured portions of veggies popped inot a bowl, covered with cling film and les voila…..  2.5 minutes later ready to eat!!

I have to admit that recently I have seen all manner of shock tactics used on the internet to try and scare people away from their most precious microwaves. (thanks for this one btw David!). I am not one to easily give in to such tactics, I mean really, if I were, I’d eschew technology completely and that would prevent me from being a blogger now wouldn’t it?  I’ve never understood all of those people who rant and rave about the poisons and toxins in everything from bottled water to GMO foods, but yet will smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol and spend hours everyday sitting in front of a computer screen despite the “radiation” that it emits….. (but I digress…..)

Truthfully I have now decided that the object of my disdain has now become a useful item, which is not only speedy, but has helped us cut oils and butter content from our meals by reducing the frequency that our sautee pan gets used.  For THIS journey, that is most helpful indeed!

Thanks for reading!!


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