Cod “en papillote”

cod en papilloteNow this blog post is less about a specific recipe and more about a technique.  A technique that sounds french (because it is), but also is MUCH EASIER than you’d ever guess.  Other benefits of this approach?  LOW CALORIE (there’s absolutely no added oil needed).  Oh, and did I mention, the end result is just simply DELICIOUS??  This has easily become one of Todd’s favourite way to cook fish, and we want to share it with you.

To achieve splendid results you need only a few simple things:

  1. Parchment paper
  2. fresh cod (although any fish can be cooked this way)
  3. piri piri peppers
  4. fresh sweet red pepper
  5. fresh pablano pepper
  6. chipotle powder
  7. salt and pepper

Of course you can use any types of seasoning you wish.  Let your imagination run completely wild!!  We have used lemon and dill on occasion, or saffron pepper, or Mediterranean vegetables and spices or ANYTHING your heart desires!!!  The traditional french method of papillote involves salmon with sliced white mushrooms lemon wedges and fresh dill, however it would be hard to go wrong…..

You have probably noticed that I included parchment paper as the FIRST ingredient.  That is because this method depends completely on cooking in a SEALED paper pouch.  The concept is to steam the fish in it’s own juices, keeping it moist (Josh, that was for you my friend!) and delicious.  Trust me.  This is FOOL PROOF!!!

First take your parchment paper and cut into a large heart shape (video below will show you exactly what you need).  Then place your portion of cod fish on the paper, at the centre fold.  cover the fish with the salt and pepper, the chipotle powder and then place the finely diced peppers on top.  Fold the pouch as shown in the video and bake in the oven at 400 degrees for 15 minutes.  Take the fish from the oven and set on serving dish still sealed in the pouch.  When ready to eat each person pierces their pouch of food allowing the steam and aroma to tempt their appetite.  Enjoy with a side of fresh steamed vegetables with a squirt of lemon juice over top of them and you have a truly low calorie (if you choose the right fish) and delicious meal!  Believe it or not this serving of fish comes in at ONLY 131 calories!!!  That leaves lots of room for side dishes or maybe dessert?

Enjoy the video of how to fold the pouches!!!

And thanks for following us!!

Duane and Todd

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