Oh the Wonders of the Sea!!


Hi again guys!  I have spent the last few days trying to decide what the next blog post should be about.  I’ve blogged about some recipes lately, and the toys Todd and I have been using to help keep us on track.  But the one thing I haven’t done lately (if at all) is provide you with some very concrete information to HELP YOU start making more informed choices when planning your meals.  So today will be the first in a multi blog set of posts that will actually look at the wonderful options that exist for lowering your calories and making better choices.   While this post is all about calorie counting, I am hoping to complete a second post later in the day that will be a recipe and a technique tip to go along with it.  If all goes well (and Todd doesn’t object) I’m also expecting to utilize a video clip for the first time…..  (YAY TECHNOLOGY!)

So today I want to talk a bit about the wonderful bounty of the sea.  As some (or maybe most of you) know, I am a “Newfie” (for those of you outside of Canada, I was born and raised in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador) and as such, I was raised in an envirnoment that included a significant amount of seafood.  I learned to hate avoid codfish from a very young age.  I was not a fan of the way I was tortured forced to eat things like “cod’s tongues” as a child, and I’m sure that’s why I developed a sould crushing aversion to most things fishy.  I do have to say however that I have ALWAYS been willing to sell my soul to eat lobster, crab and shrimp!!! 

It’s only been in recent years that I have rekindled my love affair with fish.  While I have never lost my love of the expensive stuff shell fish, even things like salmon (which I did once force myself to eat on occasion) were off my list of possibilities as recently as 3 years ago.  However, thanks to a local “fish and chips” joint, I began to realize that my memories of torture were maybe just not as “real” as I had thought.  While I have not become the most ardent fan of fish yet, my desire to ingest those creatures is steadily growing, especially as Todd finds new ways to present it to me on those days when I have my unexpected “cravings” for fish.

The most important thing to realize is that, when trying to control your calorie intake, small improvements can add up over time and the method of preparation makes all the difference.  With that in mind, I have prepared a chart below, which shows the relative caloric content of 20 different types of fish and seafood.  Just incase you were wondering, yes, the fish mongers have us in their sights, and many of the lower calorie options are HIGHER priced options, but there are several options that are both LOW calorie and LOW cost.  Choosing a lower calorie option and preparing it with a lower calorie method, such as steamed or poached (NOT IN BUTTER NOOOOOO…… that would be so good WRONG!) can make all the difference.

The first thing that struck me when I began to compile this chart, was the fact that not everything is as it seems.  I mean really.  What is the first thing you see people reach for when they begin to diet count calories?  The most ubiquitous “diet” seafood of all times???  TUNA of course!!!  So I was certain that tuna would be high (or do I mean LOW) on the list.  But, I was DEAD WRONG!!!  Ok, don’t misunderstand here, Tuna IS a great option for decreasing your caloric intake IF you had been eating bacon and burgers as a staple.  Tuna is far less “calorie dense” than processed or red meats.  But they don’t just call it “chicken of the sea” because of it’s colour!!  

So…..  if you are SERIOUS about reducing your calories what SHOULD you reach for?  CLAMS.  Yes I said you need to eat CLAMS (I know some people who are shocked that I would EVER make such a suggestion), but at only 74 calories per 100g they are by far the lest calorie dense option in this list of seafood, at just slightly over HALF the calorie count of Blue Fin Tuna.  Of course if clams aren’t your style, there are 19 yes, NINETEEN other seafood options that are LESS calorie dense than Blue Fin Tuna.  Admittedly some of them are not your “usual” “go to” foods, and maybe many people are afraid or uninformed when it comes to handling and cooking them.  That is part of the reason why Todd and I decided to start this blog in the first place,  to help people like you find new foods and techniques to add to your repetoire that can bring variety to your quest for healthier eating.  I can assure that across our many blog posts we will find time to address some of these foods with tips and recipes on how to prepare them effectively.

So, peruse the table below.  See how things stack up.  Maybe once you know what some of the lower calorie options are you just might reach for some of them the next time you are in the grocery store or fish market……. 


RANK Fish Calories per 100g
1 Clams 74
2 Cod 82
2 Octopus 82
3 Alaskan King Crab 84
4 Mahi Mahi 85
5 Dungeness Crab 86
5 Mussels 86
6 Blue Crab 87
7 Pickerel 88
7 Scallop 88
8 Lobster 90
9 Squid 92
10 Tilapia 96
11 Snapper 100
12 Skipjack Tuna 103
13 Shrimp 106
14 Halibut 110
15 Swordfish 121
16 Rainbow Trout 138
17 Sockeye Salmon 142
18 Blue fin Tuna 144
19 Salmon (Atlantic) 183
20 Mackerel 205

 Thanks for reading……




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