Sometimes Simple Is Best!


Ok, today was a long day at work, and when I get home from a busy 12 hour shift in the ER, I often find Todd in the kitchen preparing dinner.  (Ok, who am I kidding, unless the world is ending Todd is ALWAYS preparing my dinner…..  I found that last real gentleman folks…..  sorry to tell you all!!!)  Admittedly at times I feel the need to cover my guilt participate and contribute to our shared “life in the kitchen.”  Just so you all know, I survived to the ripe old age of 36 without having my own “real life Todd,” so in truth, I have always been able to make some sort of meal that was edible and able to sustain life.  Admittedly though, after seeing what HE is capable of in the kitchen, I just gave up and became sous chef…..  BUT I can honestly say that even when I was in college, and moved into my first appartment, one of my favourite things to do was entertain… I still remember inviting up all my college friends (there were at least 2 dozen in attendance) who lived in dorm and cooking dinner complete with “refridgerator cheesecake” (all the rage in Winnipeg in the 80’s).  I kept finding paper plates in the strangest places for WEEKS!  But, I digress.  Tonight I came home to find a delicious cod filet being cooked by the love of my life and decided (well was kinda told actually) that contributing to the meal was required.

So, on a busy Tuesday night what does one throw together?  A simple salad of course!!  The beauty of this one is in the plating folks!!  Take about 1/2 -3/4 cup of microgreens (that will set you back 3 whole calories), and 6 pre-cooked shrimp….. (thats about 75g, and with steamed shrimp 1g=1calorie!!!  YAY!!!!).  Simply arrange in the salad bowl as seen in the photo.  Toss a little salt and pepper on that thing (wipe your salad bowl rim though….  let’s not let this look toooooo casual, it is still DINNER right?), squeeze a lemon wedge over the mix, and then….  just to remind yourself that you are alive, add 3-4 drops of tobasco sauce.

Voila.  One Salad, 82 calories.  Guilt free.

Quick Salad.  Quick Post.

Till Later People!!!  Thanks for reading!!





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