Lazy Sunday (yes, I really mean Lazy Duane)


Yes. this IS how I feel about mornings!!


Ok, so its a Sunday, noon, and I’ve just decided to get out of bed and join my husband in the land of the living.  Of all the things my religious upbringing taught me, the one I still remember above all others is…..”Sunday is a day of rest!”  It’s the one lesson I have never had issue with, EVER!  Monday through friday my fitbit (disclaimer, I have NOT been paid by fitbit to endorse their products but IF they are listening…….  lolol)  happily informs me of how LITTE sleep I get (I mean routinely through the week 5 hours is a good night…).  But come the weekend???  oh my friends, thats when the RESTING hapens!!!

So, how does a guy survive sleeping in so late when theres soooooo much to do before starting a new and busy week??  Well my first tip on this subject is very simple.  Find yourself one Todd Aubin and lock that shit down.  Yes I have said it. (and now he’ll probably never let me forget it either…..  ah, hell  he’s known this for an awfully long time!)  In this world of trying to keep up with life, manage a house, work and trying to stay on target with a healthier eating regeime the most important thing I have found so far is support.  No one likes making changes ALONE.  Usually managing to stick to changes when theres no one else to keep you accountable is more than difficult.  And where’s the thrill of accomplishment when there’s no one to share it with?  In large part, that’s why I started this blog.  I mean Todd’s great and all, but I’m the kind of guy who seeks support on a larger level!  LMAO!!  Those of you who know me personally you will attest to the fact that I am meek, mild, and shy away from attention at all costs right?? (even though I am typing this at my kitchen counter right now, and miles from you all, I can hear that sigh, slight giggle, and know that you are all wondering how I got my personality and TODD’s confused in that statement!).  


Me being a “wallflower”!

Truthfully though, support and organization are what it takes to be able to make effective changes.  I don’t think anyone would ever argue otherwise.  And so, with that said I must thank Todd publicly for tidying the kitchen and doing some laundry while I had a lovely Sunday rest.

That being said, there’s now work to be done, and I must go get things under control.  There’s a breakfast smoothie to make (at 1:30 pm I know, I KNOW ok?).  I think there’s some grocery shopping to be done, and I know there’s some cooking to be done a little later as well……  and just in punishment for sleeping late and writing such a short post, I PROMISE to write another post this evening, a post with something that I have reason to believe some of you have been waiting for now for a while……   A RECIPE POST!!!  

So.  let’s keep each other suported.  Let’s keep each other accountable and motivated!!  If YOU have started to make some changes which you are struggling with or have questions about cooking or calorie counting or nutrition throw them out there and let’s see how we can help each other!!  


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