It’s long over due…. But HELLO everyone!!!


Ok. So. It begins!! Hi I’m Duane I feel such pressure to make an impression….  AND to explain what we are doing here in the blogosphere. So. I’m going to launch right into all of the “have to knows” that you should understand before you decide if you want to read/follow this blog or not……. 



 first…  If the picture doesn’t give it away….  I LOVE FOOD!!!!  (Ok. So does my husband!  Yes. That’s him above…. Say hi to Todd!)

oh….   Yes…..   Secondly we are a gay couple (oh….   Probably lost audience there….  Oh well….. Lol!)

third…..  I am a little, how do I say?  Crazy?

Well truly I MUST be crazy, because this year WE decided to try and change our eating habits.  Yes two men who LOVE food (and I mean the heavy rich intense dishes….   Thick dry aged ribeye steaks the size of your head, HOLLANDAISE!!!!! Pasta!!!  Seven course dinners…..  This has been our pattern!) have chosen to try and forge a new path.  We are NOT dieting. We ARE calorie counting. We are trying to create dishes with low calorie counts that please our palates, fulfill our desire for food that looks amazing tastes great AND fills our stomach while HOPEFULLY leading to a change of some sort to our waistline.

To that end we are attempting to share our experiences, progress and failures with you all in hopes of maybe keeping us on track while maybe finding a way to inspire you as well to look at food from a different angle.  Yes. I am a nurse (don’t let that get I the way…..   I’m not the holistic trendy gay nurse you are expecting…..  You will never hear me endorse a “paleo” lifestyle or mention how “Pilates elongates my core” that’s just not me…). And while I have some knowledge of how the human body works both from owning one for many years, and a little bit from school as well, I’m never going to be holding myself up as an expert on that subject (I believe that was just a disclaimer that this is not to be taken as professional advice in any shape or form).  My husband trained as a chef, truly loves food but not in a professional sense….  After realizing that WORKING in the food industry can kill your joy of food, he now works in logistics with a multinational company but continues to share his love of food with me and many of our friends.  So really why you have here is a couple of regular guys who just want to share their journey with you.

I guess I should mention that today is March 13/15, and that truthfully our journey started in Januaray 2015.  Just so you know……  “It’s not you….. It’s me…..”  I wanted to start this blog earlier BUT I sometimes start hints (like a major life overhaul) and then quit early on…..   And I knew no one wanted to read three blog entries and then have me disappear in a cloud of failure.  Oh,  AND it took me awhile to figure out wordpress and make this a reality!!

So now that we are finally here, I hope you’ll read our blog and enjoy our journey.  I promise the next few days will see updates and photos and recipes and all sorts of wonderful stuff!!!

Thanks for reading!! 


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14 Responses to It’s long over due…. But HELLO everyone!!!

  1. dee says:

    Big smiles from Bermuda!


  2. B says:

    How the heck has this been shared on FB 44 times already? Lol jesus christ you’re tearing up the blog world right out of the gate!! Amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. canadianrn62 says:

    Great beginning! When’s the next one?


  4. Dan&Cori says:

    Great start guys. You both have our support, unless we drop in for dinner, then of course we expect sugar, butter, carbs, and fat. lol. But seriously good luck and get creative.


    • Duane & Todd says:

      Dan, Cori; Don’t be alarmed, the world hasn’t completely tilted on it’s axis. We DO still use butter, and carbs and fats have not been eliminated either! We have not actually made ANYTHING off limits, we are just trying to be more conscious of how we eat!! I promise the food is still great so you better get ready to come for dinner again soon!!!!


  5. Carm says:

    I am soooo excited for both you blogs and comments…lets start the adventure….Todd you better hurry..sounds like Duane is in dire need of a recipe


    • Duane & Todd says:


      Thanks for joining the group here on the blog!! It’s been too long since I had the fun of working with you!!! Hope I get to see you again soon!! Make sure yo keep reading and commenting…I love knowing what things get your attention!!!


  6. Punky says:

    Well… has made it to my bookmarks bar and onto my phone desktop….I eagerly await input


    • Duane & Todd says:

      Hey!!! Thanks so much for joining Todd and I in this! I’m really hoping that this will become more than just a platform for me to hear myself speak/type though. So if there are any ideas you have, or anything specific you’d like me to write about make sure you let me know! If it’s even loosely food related I’ll happily oblige!!!


  7. Dana Fashina says:

    Great introduction to you two, thank you so much for sharing 🙂


  8. Cinthya says:

    Hello, good folks! I’ll be coming back here for some enlightening recipes. 🙂


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